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PETA Hosts a Car Protest Around Vernon Slaughterhouse!

PETA Hosts a Car Protest Around Vernon Slaughterhouse!

Brittany Drake catches the attention of everyone in a furry pig costume.

Cesar Asebedo reporting #LIVE for #JaneUnchained at a slaughterhouse ten minutes from downtown Los Angeles, California USA where there have been the most nonresidential cases of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County according to the Los Angeles Times. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is hosting this in-car protest during the quarantine to take a stand of the lives of the workers, animals, and public safety. Come along and ride with us and see how activism has adjusted during this pandemic.

Activists taped their signs to their cars so that everyone could see their message as they drove by!

Honk, Honk! The activists weren’t at the slaughterhouse for a pig vigil this day. Today they could not be missed driving circles around the slaughterhouse that was recently reported to have a large Coronavirus outbreak amongst its workers. They were there to shed light on the welfare of the humans that work in these places and are also oftentimes victims of the same industry. It’s not surprising that this many cases were found in one plant. Slaughterhouse workers are known to have to work in close proximity to each other. One expert has said that there may not be enough protection even from the use of personal protective equipment because they would not be provided with enough to make a difference. For example, workers would have to change their masks and gloves every hour.

Media cameras were able to capture the protest as the cars passed by. Cesar in the background wearing neon yellow works hard to get the story on Jane Unchained Vegan News!

The world needs to know that these workers are putting their lives at risk to work in a business that is not essential because people do not need to consume meat or other animal products. Join the movement towards compassion. Come to the vigil for the workers hosted by local Animal Save Movement groups LA Animal Save and Animal Alliance Network. this Wednesday. Come take a stand for all of the victims of animal agriculture.


The slaughterhouse and animal agriculture industry are invited to respond at any time.

The workers that work in these plants can be victims of their circumstances too.

Protest hosted by Katerina Davidovich and Matthew Peta Braun.

The LA Animal Save Billboard featuring vegan animal rights activist movie star Joaquin Phoenix and a baby pig seen entering the slaughterhouse still flies high above the slaughterhouse!


Attend the vigil for slaughterhouse workers.




Attend the vigil for slaughterhouse workers.

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Cesar Asebedo reports for Jane Unchained Vegan News!

Photos sourced from Reuters and activist Liv Shakti Kaur.

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