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Watch Parties Held in U.S. & Canada for Ending Real Fur, the Movie!

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Watch Parties Held in U.S. & Canada for Ending Real Fur, the Movie!

Ending Real Fur documentary premiere
Jamie Logan & Rachel Ejsmont are throwing a Watch Party for Ending Real Fur in NYC.
Jamie Logan & Rachel Ejsmont are throwing a Watch Party for Ending Real Fur in NYC.

Watch parties, for the new movie Ending Real Fur,  are being held across the U.S. and Canada

Hollywood, California, December 4th – Animal lovers are being invited to hold their own watch parties for Ending Real Fur, the award-winning film  now streaming on UnchainedTV. There have already been watch parties in NYC, LA, Dallas, Detroit, Toronto & More!

Ending Real Fur Poster
Ending Real Fur Poster

Organizers are urging animal lovers to add their name to the list of people holding watch parties.  Let UnchainedTV know you’re holding a watch party by reaching out to Unchained_TV Instagram and sending a direct message!

Viewers Urged to Go LIVE to Drive People to the Free Film!

UnchainedTV is asking each party to designate one or more guests to go live on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok  to drive people to watch the film for free at: https://watch.unchainedtv.com/browse.

Watch Ending Real Fur NOW by Clicking Below!

Post Premiere LIVE Q & A with Tim Gunn

Philanthropist Mick Davoudian is holding an Ending Real Fur watch party in Los Angeles!
Philanthropist Mick Davoudian held an Ending Real Fur Watch Party in Los Angeles!

Right after the film’s premiere, UnchainedTV hosted a LIVE Q&A with fashion legend Tim Gunn, of Project RunwayMaking the Cut fame, director/star Taimoor Choudhry and Arch Enemy lead singer Alissa White-Gluz. They’re all featured in the movie, along with a slew of animal rights leaders like PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk, Last Chance for Animals’ Chris DeRose, The Save Movement’s Anita Krajnc, The Fur-Bearers’ Lesley Fox and many more.

Fur Should NOT Be on Anyone’s Wish List

Organizers hope to reinvent the holiday shopping season as a time, not to waste money on cruel luxury items, but to stand up for compassion to animals and denounce products of violence like fur.  Says UnchainedTV President Jane Velez-Mitchell, “We are so proud to be streaming this important movie to a global audience. And, we need your help in spreading the word. So, invite your friends over and throw a watch party for this game-changing movie, that could end fur farms in Canada, ground zero for this terrible industry.”

Ending Real Fur Star/Director Taimoor Choudhry with his beloved dog.
Ending Real Fur Star/Director Taimoor Choudhry spent 7 years making this movie.


It Took 7 Years to Make This Game-Changing Film

The film’s director and star spent the better part of a decade working on this film. Jewelry magnate Taimoor Choudhry’s transformation from a conspicuous consumer of luxury goods to a passionate anti-fur activist starts when he asks a simple question: Who am I wearing? It turns out his fur trim is from a dog. Being a dog lover, this upends his world and propels him on a journey that finds him going undercover, and even wearing a wire, to a fur market. Says Choudhry, “I began my journey as an uninformed consumer and found myself working alongside Canadian politician, M.P. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and animal rights lawyer Camille Labchuk, to introduce a federal bill to ban fur farms. Through my journey, I take viewers through interviews with amazing people who have dedicated their lives to fighting for animal rights. They have inspired me to make change and to keep persevering – to be a voice of the voiceless, the voice of our furry friends.”

Ending Real Fur: A Team Effort to End Fur Farms

Tonia Carrier is holding a Watch Party for Ending Real Fur in the Detroit area.
Tonia Carrier held a Watch Party for Ending Real Fur in the Detroit area.

Along with Choudhry and Gunn, Arch Enemy lead vocalist Alissa White-Gluz appears in the film as an anti-fur protester along with many leaders in the animal rights world, from PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk to Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals.

The Many Ways to Watch UnchainedTV

UnchainedTV is a nonprofit, free, streaming TV network. You can download UnchainedTV on your phone via the app store or on your TV via Amazon Fire Stick, a Roku Device or Apple TV device. UnchainedTV is available for download on all Samsung TVs. You can also watch online at: https://watch.unchainedtv.com/browse.

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Watch Party Idea Started with One UnchainedTV Supporter

Niloofar Askgharian's suggestion started the White Party extravaganza.
Niloofar Askgharian’s suggestion started the White Party extravaganza.

UnchainedTV is run almost entirely by volunteers. One of the network’s most active supporters is Niloofar Askgharian, of Dallas, Texas. She’s been a member of Animal Connection of Texas for almost two decades and organizes call-ins for UnchainedTV’s VoiceAmerica Wednesday podcasts. After one such podcast, she reached out to UnchainedTV declaring, “I am organizing a streaming party in my house with a vegan potluck preceding.” Voila… the idea of watch parties to promote Ending Real Fur was born.

Sounds Delicious

Ellen Dent, a founder of Animal Alliance Network, also threw a watch party in Pennsylvania! She is featured with her daughter Aria, a budding animal activist.

Ellen Dent will be throwing a watch party in Pennsylvania!
Ellen Dent will be throwing a watch party in Pennsylvania!



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