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Check Out This Vegan Fetish Food!

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Check Out This Vegan Fetish Food!

A soup, that’s also a pasta, that’s also an open faced sandwich? Yes! Today on #LunchBreakLIVE, Jane shares her fave fetish food! Join in the party!
It’s a Soup, Pasta & Sandwich
Take 4 cups of boiling water.
Add: half a pkg of firm tofu cubed
2 cups raw spinach
3 mushrooms
1 tablespoon of raw, minced garlic
1 vegetarian bullion cube
3 heaping tablespoons of nutritional yeast
4 tablespoons of liquid aminos
Simmer to taste
Using a fork, remove the pasta, tofu, spinach and mushrooms
& place on top of rice cakes.
Add a touch of oil or soy butter                                                                                                     Add a dollop of Vegenaise mixed with a dash of liquid aminos
Sprinkle with vegan parmesan cheese
Optional: add hot sauce
Also, enjoy the soup separately
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 2.12.53 PM
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 2.12.29 PM

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