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Fake news headline on a newspaper
Misinformation to Demonize Vegan Food Exposed in New Report

A new report by the Freedom Food Alliance exposes a campaign of misinformation, run by the animal agriculture industry, aiming to demonize vegan food Los Angeles, June 10th, 2024 — The noticeable rise of veganism in the last few decades has triggered a response, a highly organized misinformation campaign by the animal agriculture industry aimed at stopping the plant-based movement in its tracks.

Sangita Iyer and Asian Elephant
Four Ways to Save India’s Elephants

India’s elephants are struggling, both in the wild and in captivity. Now, Sangita Iyer, the maker of the documentary Gods in Shackles, is using four practical solutions to save them Los Angeles, May 31st, 2024 — India’s elephants desperately need help.

HOT for Food’s Lauren Toyota
Lauren Toyota’s Top Comfort Food Classics on UnchainedTV

Hot for Food’s Lauren Toyota is a genius at cooking up vegan recipes that satisfy cravings!  It’s comfort food meets gourmet! Her fun and approachable style has made her wildly popular. Cooking should be fun, after all! Fort Wayne, Indiana, May 14, 2024 — Lauren Toyota, the best-selling Canadian cookbook author and comfort food queen, brings creativity to every bite.

Common octopus (Octopus vulgaris)
The Horror of Octopus Farms Sparks a Plan to Stop Them

As alarm grows over the prospect of a massive octopus farm in Spain, a California nonprofit has a plan to stop it from ever happening.  Los Angeles, May 12th, 2024 — Scientists, environmentalists and animal lovers have expressed horror and alarm over plans by a Spanish company to create a huge octopus farm in the Canary Islands that would reportedly grow and slaughter a million octopuses a year.

Kale Krew stars Nemanja Golubovic and Tamika Price.
Kale Krew, UnchainedTV’s Adventurous New Series

UnchainedTV premieres new show ‘Kale Krew’ that takes viewers on a culinary tour of Chicagoland’s vegan scene Chicago, Illinois, May 3rd, 2024 – UnchainedTV’s adventurous and often hilarious new series, Kale Krew, is hosted by Nemanja Golubovic, CEO and founder of the famous vegan restaurant chain Kale My Name, and social media influencer Tamika Price, founder of Plant Based Tamika.

J.D Rusch and book
J.D. Rasch: the ultimate vegan business insider and prolific creator

Watch the inspiring journey of J.D. Rasch, a former banker turned influential vegan investor and philanthropist. Rasch’s story is not just about accumulating degrees and skills; it’s about his unwavering commitment to creating a compassionate world. From supporting animal welfare organizations like Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to pioneering investments in cutting-edge, cruelty-free products, Rasch is shaping the future of sustainable business.

Gods in Shackles film
Gods in Shackles: Now Streaming for Free on UnchainedTV

Gods in Shackles takes viewers on a journey into the harrowing reality of captive elephants in India.  Tradition, commerce, and conservation are front and center, as is the stark contrast between the natural world and human exploitation. April 23rd, 2024, Fort Wayne, Indiana — Who speaks for innocent animals who cannot speak for themselves?

Members of Coalition to End Factory farming collecting signatures to ban CAFOs
Will Sonoma County Voters Ban Large Animal Factories called CAFOs?

Help put an end to large-scale animal factories! Sonoma County, California, could lead the nation by becoming the first U.S. county to ban Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) through a popular vote. More than 37,185 residents have already backed this initiative, showing their support for sustainable and humane farming practices.

Vegucated: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Learn

Vegucated is a laugh-out-loud look at 3 “regular” New Yorkers trying a vegan diet while learning all about why it’s best for them, the animals and the planet. April 16, 2024, Fort Wayne, Indiana — A lot can change in six weeks.

Activist from Animal Rising
Animal Rising Channel Now on UnchainedTV

The new Animal Rising Channel on UnchainedTV shows videos of the daring UK animal rights organization known for their press-grabbing, direct-action campaigns Los Angeles, April 11th, 2024 — In the last few years, activists with the famous UK animal rights group Animal Rising have repeatedly used dramatic protests to make front page headlines in British media.