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Countdown to Year Zero hones in on an unprecedented global disaster that is rapidly unfolding. If we don’t take action now we may soon reach a point of no return. Be inspired by world renowned social media influencers, activists, and celebrities as we take a journey into this horrific emergency. Learn what others are doing about it and how you have the power to make a difference.

Countdown to Year Zero has been compared to the films Earthlings, Dominion, Unity, Cowspiracy and others which discuss that our planet needs our help today. Click the link below to watch it on Amazon Prime.



The easiest way for you to stop the Countdown to Year Zero is to take action now. A plant-based diet is healthiest for you and the planet. It is also the most compassionate way of living harmoniously with all life. Click the link below to connect with Prevent Year and learn more about what you can do to make an impact.



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Additional Resources

YouTube is an excellent source for endless whole food plant-based recipes. You can also find many great options at Forks Over Knives and Engine 2 Diet.

The Daily Dozen App from is the easiest way to learn how to make a plant-based diet a part of your daily routine. You can even take it a step further via links to videos in each food category on the nutritional science. These videos and thousands more can be accessed free at Nutrition Facts performs the most comprehensive meta-analysis on all the nutritional literature. Their videos are concise summaries of this invaluable information.

Need help going vegan? A Vegan Lifestyle Coach from The Veg Academy can help you successfully make the transition to a plant-based diet.

The “Plant Based Diet Guide” from Kaiser Permanente is also an excellent guide to get you started in the right direction.

Get Involved

There are endless ways to get involved. You can find local meetups, facebook groups, Vegfests, sanctuaries, and advocacy groups near you. Follow UnChainedTV to learn more about all the amazing vegan things happening worldwide as we progress in this movement. For more ways to Prevent Year Zero visit or visit any of the resources below. If you’re already vegan consider joining to help build up your vegan community by adding listings and events.


Animal agriculture is causing unprecedented damage to our environment, with cataclysmic impacts being felt around the globe. From climate change to land destruction, and habitat loss to ocean dead zones, “Countdown to Year Zero” shows the clear links between the meat and dairy industries and our race toward irreversible, ecological disaster.

But it’s not too late—yet. “Countdown to Year Zero” explains that as we move away from our dependency on animal products and towards a sustainable, plant-based diet, our personal choices can have an impact on the future of our planet. Featuring interviews with leaders in environmentalism, social media activists, and powerful footage from demonstrations around the world, the film makes the point that we all have a responsibility for the world our children will inherit.

Veganism is rooted in ethics and not exploiting animals, but it’s also one of the most significant changes we can make for our health and the health of the planet. Learn how others are embracing the move towards a plant-based lifestyle and how you also have the power to make a difference.

Critically, “Countdown to Year Zero” is very approachable. It’s intent is not to make people feel bad for eating animal products, but to inspire all of us to try a new way of life, and to take part in building new, healthier ways of eating that create a sustainable future for everyone.

Paul Maplesden, Vegan Writer

This shocking documentary shows us what ‘year zero’ looks like, why we should all be terrified of it, and how each of us can work as individuals and groups to prevent it.

With unprecedented changes in climate, the sixth great mass extinction in the history of Earth on the horizon, and escalated weather events around the world, Countdown to Year Zero sounds the trumpet as a call to combat.

From scientists to celebrities to everyday people, new social media influencers to longtime activists to transformed campaigners, this documentary has the power to shake off apathy and awaken the most resistant peaceful warrior’s soul.

Michelle Schaefer, Vegan Writer