Factory Farming

joaquin phoenix veganAmericans like to say they’re animal lovers. However, animal lovers don’t torture animals. And, the vast majority of animals in the United States are being tortured. That’s because most animals are not our beloved cats and dogs. Today, most animals are farmed animals: cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs.  And, most of those farmed animals are trapped on factory farms.

The Sentience Institute analyzed USDA statistics and determined that 98.74% of farmed animals in the United States live on factory farms. They’re also known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs, giant, windowless warehouses where tens or even hundreds of thousands of animals exist in cramped quarters, never touching the grass.

Despite this, three-quarters of consumers claim to buy humane products. That’s called denial. Time to snap out of it. These videos will help with that. For a second, the truth hurts. But, then, life gets better. Because… face it. Deep down inside, you knew the truth all along. Now, with honesty on your side, you can help make the world a less hellish place for animals.

Pig in Nebraska farm (c)MfA
Pig Farm Exposé Fuels Campaign to Stop the EATS Act

The animal protection group Mercy for Animals has released an undercover investigation into the suffering…

Chicken from facility Tyson Virginia
Investigation Exposes Cruelty in a Facility That Raised Chickens for Tyson

An undercover investigation by the animal protection organization Animal Outlook into a facility that raised…

Protest Before the Canada 11 court sentence in Montreal
The Activists in the “Canada 11” Case Have Finally Been Sentenced

The activists in the Canada 11 case, convicted for entering a pig farm in Quebec…

Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio Not Guilty (c)DxE
Alexandra Paul & Alicia Santurio Not Guilty in Chicken Rescue

Former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul and co-defendant Alicia Santurio were found not guilty of theft…

Gene Baur and friend from Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary’s Valentine’s Day Party Rocked

Farm Sanctuary, in Los Angeles, held an Open Your Heart event to celebrate Valentine’s Day…

Vegan Senator Cory Booker
Senator Cory Booker Announces New Farmed Animal Welfare Legislation

Indianapolis, Indiana, December 28 11:30pm    New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, the first vegan member…

Direct Action Everywhere declares victory with not guilty verdicts.
DxE Animal Activists NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS in #Smithfield Trial

DxE ANIMAL ACTIVISTS NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS! History was just made as two Direct…

US Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court to Decide If California’s Proposition 12 Stands

Animal agriculture’s challenge to California’s Proposition 12 will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court…

Pig farm shown in The End of Medicine documentary
New Film Warns: Animal Ag Could Cause ‘The End of Medicine’

The groundbreaking film, The End of Medicine, warns: animal agriculture threatens our ability to treat…

chickens and fishes (c) Faunalytics
Study Reveals How People Really Feel About Chickens and Fishes

A new study reveals how people really feel about chickens and fishes in five countries…