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Ships Ahoy! Jump Onboard the Sea Shepherd with Chef Meg Hein!

Ships Ahoy! Jump Onboard the Sea Shepherd with Chef Meg Hein!


#JaneUnChained with Meg Hein in San Diego, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s The M/V Farley Mowat, named after the Canadian Activist and friend of Captain Paul Watson. Paul Watson founded Sea Shepherd in 1977.  This is one of the motor vessels, a “Island Class Cutter,” and a former Coast Guard ship built in 1991. Meg is accountable for multiple responsibilities on the ship, including being the ships vegan chef. Climb aboard and let’s hear all about her journeys!

Meg explains the crew is returning from ten month campaign, trying to save the vaquita porpoise in Mexico. The vaquita porpoise is the smallest cetacean in the world and is only found in the Gulf of California. “The vaquita is the most endangered marine mammal in the world,” according the Sea Shepherd website.

Meg is the manager and overseas all of the every day tasks, and accounting, inventory at the moment, but she is usually a vegan chef onboard. She has even gotten her hands dirty helping with the engineering on the ship. She is very versatile crew member. Almost all of the crew is comprised of volunteers with the exception of the engineer and captain. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is 100% vegan ship and organization. 

The Sea Shepherd believes in “aggressive nonviolence,” according to Meg. They do not carry weapons like guns or knives, but instead they use media as their weapon. They increase awareness of issues facing ocean life, like the vaquita, due to poaching and gillnets. The gillnets are like death traps for all ocean life, and catch many animals along with the ones the fishermen are trying to catch. The fishermen and Mexican government have been amazingly cooperative during their missions. They have helped with the removal of gillnets, and keep the boat and crew safe from poacher attacks.

Meg points out that by 2048 it is estimated that fish in the ocean will be completely depleted, according to scientists. So we cannot afford to eat fish and still have oceans to enjoy for future generations. Support Sea Shepherd and their amazing work so that we can help them preserve and heal our oceans today!


Get on the high seas and get involved with Sea Shepherd today!


Read more about Sea Shepherd and the Vaquita Porpoise.


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