Social Justice

Authors of Antiracism in Animal Advocacy
Activists Speak Up About Antiracism in Animal Advocacy

In the new book Antiracism in Animal Advocacy, Animal Rights activists have spoken up about…

Starbucks coffee logo in front of the shop. By wachiwit via Adobe Stock
Olympian Ups Pressure on Starbucks to Drop US Vegan-Milk Surcharge

American Olympian Dotsie Bausch is pressuring Starbucks to end their US vegan-milk surcharge as they…

Soul Eubanks from Apex Advocacy
A New Intersectional Animal Rights Group Rises from Atlanta

APEX Advocacy is a new intersectional animal rights organization founded by activist Soul Eubanks which…

vegan female founders attending the vegan women summit
Vegan Women Summit Hits LA in April!

Vegan Female Founders Rise Up!  Polls show that the majority of vegans everywhere are women.…

Eat The Change Impact Grant Recipients
One Million Dollars for Vegan Food

Compassionate Couple Gives Away One Million Dollars for Vegan Food Humanity is barreling toward a…

Head shots of the 10 panellist of the RAP Summit
Summit to Switch from Animal to Veganic Farming

The International Summit to Transition Beyond Animal Agriculture  How can ranchers and farmers thrive on…

Humane Party Button
Vegan Humane Party Defies Political Status Quo

The Humane Party: The U.S. Political Party with a Vegan Agenda Political parties rise up…

City of Bologna from above
Landmark Legal Victory for Italian Vegan Teacher

VEGAN TEACHERS ALSO HAVE RIGHTS The advance of the Vegan Rights cause continues. A judge…

Teenager girl smiling in front of flowers
Teen Wins Vegan Discrimination Battle

VEGAN DISCRIMINATION IS EVERYWHERE We, vegans, know that vegan discrimination may come from every corner.…

Front of an animal rights march with a banner saying "Vegan for Life"
The Vegan Rights Movement Is Happening Now!

A ‘vegan rights movement’ may already be germinating and there is a good vegan, human and animal case for it.