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Moby Attends LA Pig Vigil

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Moby Attends LA Pig Vigil

Moby, the musician, record producer, singer, songwriter and animal activist, attends a large vigil at outside a pig slaughterhouse near Downtown Los Angeles and gives water to pigs who are minutes away from death. Moby talks to #JaneUnChained about what these intelligent animals experience. He is joined by a hundred others led by Los Angeles Animal Save! The Save Movement #JaneUnChained
LAAS 10:15:17 1

Activist giving water to thirsty pigs only moment before entering a slaughterhouse in downtown Los Angeles (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

LAAS 10:15:17 LeFou giving light 9

Activists giving water to pigs, while artist, Constantine Le Fou (@iamlefou) provides light for those photographing and recording this event for social media, so others can see innocent pigs, just moments before slaughter (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

LAAS 10:15:17 8 Shaun & Moby spraying

Moby and Shaun Monson using sprayers to give water to thirsty pigs (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

LAAS 10:15:17 6 Terrified pig

A terrified pig (approximately 6 months old) (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

LAAS 10:15:17 10 boy pumping

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A young activist priming the sprayer pump for giving pigs water (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

LAAS 10:15:17 4 Shaun no meat...

Shaun Monson, Filmmaker and Director of the life changing documentaries: “Earthlings” and “Unity: (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

LAAS 10:15:17 2

Group photo of activists who participated Los Angeles Animal Save on 10-15-17 (photo credit: @chefitophoto)

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