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Vegucated: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Learn

Vegucated: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Learn

Vegucated Film Poster
Vegucated Film Poster

Vegucated is a laugh-out-loud look at 3 “regular” New Yorkers trying a vegan diet while learning all about why it’s best for them, the animals and the planet.

April 16, 2024, Fort Wayne, Indiana — A lot can change in six weeks. That’s the premise of Vegucated, a light-hearted, unpretentious and often hilarious documentary that follows three somewhat bewildered New Yorkers as they commit to a six-week vegan challenge. Directed by Marisa Miller Wolfson, the film uses humor to help the viewer swallow some serious facts about the ethical, environmental, and health implications of eating animals.

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6-Week Challenge

A scene from Vegucated.
A scene from Vegucated where the director listens to one of the participants explain her struggles.

The three subjects, Brian, Tesla, and Ellen, each come from different backgrounds and with varying levels of knowledge about veganism. Guided by famed nutritionist Dr. Joel Fuhrman and vegan mentor Marisa Miller Wolfson, they stumble into their new lifestyle, making their way through grocery aisles, restaurants and gyms. Before it’s over, some will be weeping, others sweating, and all of them eating consciously for the first time their lives.

Not surprisingly, the participants face numerous challenges, from navigating social situations where vegan options are limited to learning how to cook plant-based meals at home. They also find themselves confronting their own prejudices against veganism. But, as the journey progresses, they start enjoying the health benefits of a plant-based diet, pleasantly surprised to be feeling increased energy levels and seeing fewer pounds on the scale.

As they delve into their vegan experiment, the trio is also confronted with the harsh realities of animal farming through undercover footage and interviews with experts. They witness the cruel conditions in which animals are raised and slaughtered for food, leading to a deeper understanding of the ethical case against meat consumption.

Veganism As Intersectional

In addition to exploring their own evolutions, Vegucated sheds light on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The documentary highlights how animal agriculture impacts deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, emphasizing the urgent need for societies to transition to more sustainable food systems.

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One of the strengths of Vegucated is its balanced approach, presenting multiple perspectives on veganism and allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions. The documentary also calls out misconceptions about veganism, such as unwarranted concerns about protein deficiency, a myth propagated by the meat industry.

Overall, Vegucated is a thought-provoking and informative documentary that entertains while gently challenging viewers to reconsider their food choices and how those daily decisions impact animals, the planet, and personal health. With an engaging narrative and practical insights, the film teaches viewers how to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle, just like the three New Yorkers do in the film.

People should watch Vegucated because it offers a comprehensive look at the health benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle while also raising awareness about the ethical and environmental issues associated with animal agriculture. Whether you’re already vegan, curious about plant-based diets, or simply interested in learning more about the food industry, Vegucated inspires viewers to make more conscious food choices.

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