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Bear Blood Spills Across the Sunshine State: Florida Governor Rick Scott's Disgrace!

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Bear Blood Spills Across the Sunshine State: Florida Governor Rick Scott's Disgrace!

JaneUnChained was in Florida praying with Julie Watkins of The Girls Gone Green and others who fought the shameful bear hunt of 2015 as heartbreaking images poured in from brave animal activists documenting the carnage!

Officials say 295 bears were killed. Critics say a lot more died and even more were wounded, left to die slow, lingering deaths. To stop this from ever happening again, join Facebook.com/stopbearhunt. The humane alternative? Bear proof garbage cans.
Praying for the bears Bear in net Ianthes
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  • The Florida bear “culling” was state sponsored murder. Human overpopulation encroaches on wildlife land so we invite a couple thousand thrill-kill, blood-lust, sadistic hunters in to “diminish” the bear population? It was murder, people, of innocent beings who were just living their lives. Should we “cull” the homeless that dumpster dive? Should we “cull” the GOP frontrunners because they believe the holocaust wouldn’t have occurred if there had been more guns? What gives us this right? If you have any heart whatsoever please shout out your outrage to the following:

  • Jane been online on this as the min you first posted to email these creeps.. Im tweeting daily signing storm tweeting emailing and only to be now severely depressed .. Not only did we try to get the 2nd lab uncovered in Hendry County and get people involved di I with my advocate face book and instagram and twitter blow this globally.. It seems Gov Rick Scott signed off on poor medicaid as well for people with no money left to die .. @013 signing a Sister State Florida to Wakayama (Taiji) Japan to us ..promoting slaughter “cubs are easy target as well ” bear hunt allowed emails ignored Phone calls ignored petitions ignored .. #000 licences to kill allowed now farms ranches asking to be paid to allow hunters to kill bears on their ranches.. As we speak motion put in to kill Endangered Florida Panthers .. Jane I have been asking how we can get the 3-4 hunters kicked off Wild Life comittee now ?? I am not well enough or live close enogh for all this and do my part voicing daily in Twitter Facebook groups and instagram .. I am worried Florida with maybe half residents seasonal meaning from up North live here 6-7 months out of the year .. These people mostly from canada where they slaughter the seals 8 months out of the year .. Hunters are coming to Florida and the WLC is part of this plus the everglades people who supposedly look after endangered Bears jaguars etc are also the hunters ..
    Jane I am involved as well with saving #Bloodlions # Africananimals and #nomorececils .. Does it not sound a bit familiar as The Dentist Palmer went with tour guided ppl to use bow and arrow to Kill Cecil …I am not finished and I promise Jane that we need your voice as I became so involved with Denmark zoos marius the Lions Taiji Sea world I forgot my own state except Im fighting to #emptythetanks with #Blackfish advocates .. Jane is this too over to be stopped ? Are we too late Jane please advise .. We have the petitions letters voices but the countries are deaf and we the voice are becoming exausted .. Help dear Jane …Your friend Vegan x Hln news watcher Angel love u and your dog Ricco and so sorry about your beautiful lovely Mother RIP

  • sorry above typos grammer was steaming mad upset ..over 3000 licences issued to hunt kill and I meant I along with my warrior advocates voicing globally on twitter, instagram, facebook ,groups sorry

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