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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary: From a Cattle Ranch to an Animal Sanctuary!

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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary: From a Cattle Ranch to an Animal Sanctuary!


#JaneUnChained LIVE with BREAKING NEWS from Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s Renee King-Sonnen, the cattle rancher’s wife who turned into a vegan animal activist, and turned her husband’s calf/cow operation into a farm animal sanctuary! Now, Renee is launching RAP, the Rancher Advocacy Program, helping those in animal agriculture transition to businesses that don’t involve killing!


She started by rescuing several animals from neighboring sanctuaries because the ranchers felt empathy for these animals, and they wanted to see them cared for instead of killed. And now that she has converted their ranch into a sanctuary, she is helping other ranchers change their ranches to sanctuaries and cruelty-free businesses. For example, she explains that if ranchers aren’t able to convert their ranches into sanctuaries and/or non-profits, they can apply for a contract with a plant-based company like Beyond Meat or Miyokos to be suppliers. Now that’s thinking outside the box!

Renee and her husband are considered “climate change refugees” because they are leaving an industry that causes planetary destruction to a peaceful healing industry that saves animals. We tip our cowgirl hats to this amazingly strong and courageous woman for changing the lives of these animals, and for being the embodiment of the endless possibilities for revolutionizing the ranching industry!


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Visit the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary website here to learn more, donate, or sponsor an animal. Thank you!

Pepper the goat looking inquisitively at the camera… Love. Photo: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Website


Gizmo the pig getting up close and personal. Adorable… Photo: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Website
Cows and Chickens sharing a meal in harmony. Peaceful loving animals deserve peaceful lives. Photo: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Website


Renee posing with a rowdy rooster. Great pic!
Photo: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Website
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