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Beat the Heat with these Summertime Recipes from the “Plant-based Passionistas!”

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Beat the Heat with these Summertime Recipes from the “Plant-based Passionistas!”


#LunchBreakLIVE today featured Lateefa Smith of The Veggie Connection and Sahsha Campbell Garbutt of Life and Life and Light Wellness a.k.a “Plant-based Passionistas.”  And we were there escaping the heat with these ladies while they showed us how to make an avocado BLT sandwich paired with a refreshing cherry/pineapple summer smoothie.

Check out their new product, Alkaline Aminos plant-based protein powder! The powder “provides all the essential aminos” that you need for all the muscles in your body.  Try their 10-Day Cleanse to combat yeast, mucus and so much more. They emphasize the importance of healthy fat like that found in avocados and how it helps the brain function. And how cool and easy is the coconut bacon to make??

Pair their BLT with chips and their refreshing easy cherry/pineapple summer smoothie made with their signature Alkaline Aminos, and it’s packed with vitamin C! This smoothie is perfect for a post-workout chaser because it provides electrolytes as well.  Thanks for sharing your amazing plant-based heavily-nutritive recipes ladies!


Check them out:


Lateefah Smith of The Veggie Connection @theveggieconnection on IG. FB: therealveggieconnection website: www.theveggieconnection.com

Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt of Life and Light Wellness. @lifeandlightwellness on IG. FB: lifeandlightwellness website: www.lifeandlightwellness.com



1) Avocado BLT Sandwich:

1 Avocado sliced thin placed across the bread

Thin slice of onion

One slice of tomato

Coconut Bacon

Vegan spread of your choice

2 slices of vegan bread of your choice (toasted)


2) Cherry/Pineapple Summer Smoothie:

2 cups spring water

1 cup frozen organic sweet cherries

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1 cup frozen organic pineapples

1 tsp. agave

2 scoops Alkaline


Optional: 1 tbsp. hemp seeds

Add water first to choice of blender, followed by fruit, Alkaline Aminos, agave and hemp seed. Blend until desired texture.


The aromatic delicious avocado coconut bacon BLT plant-based vegan sandwich!


Vegan Coconut BLT with the new Alkaline Amino powder!


Lovely ladies Sahsha and Lateefa posing with their vegan BLT, pineapple/cherry summertime smoothie, and their signature Alkaline Amino powder!



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