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Slaughterhouse Protest Ensues in LA! “I’m Me, Not Meat!”

Slaughterhouse Protest Ensues in LA! “I’m Me, Not Meat!”

#JaneUnChained LIVE at a protest outside a Los Angeles, California slaughterhouse. Two groups, Species Revolution and Liberation Los Angeles partner up to bring a peaceful and inclusive demonstration. The protesters are asking the slaughterhouse to release some individuals but the company has refused.

Hope Casella-Holtum an organizer for Liberation Los Angeles, explains that this group of protestors is here to protest the slaughter of sentient beings which takes place on a regular basis at this establishment. This slaughterhouse is right next to residential area and these activists are here to advocate for the people who are effected by the presence of this slaughterhouse in their neighborhood as well.

Hope also explains that the protestors are not there to put the company out of business but to shed light on their practices in hope that they will change their business practices to one’s that are cruelty-free. They simply want to help the owners transition to a business that does not involve the loss of sentient beings lives. Examples offered by Hope are faux meat businesses, plant-based businesses,  or vegan businesses. Hope lives in this neighborhood, so it bothers her personally to have this slaughterhouse in proximity to her home. It’s low income area so the people that live here have no choice but to endure businesses like these in their backyard.

Ironically, directly across the street there is an animal hospital. This demonstrates the speciesism of our society. We love one animal and eat the other. The slaughterhouse starts playing very loud music in order to deter activists. But that was not going to happen on this day. Activists chants overcame the loud music. “Animals lives are their right, we have just begun to fight!”

Amazing activists were in attendance like Cory Mac from Progress for Science and Michael Fujimori from Los Angeles for Animals, were also in attendance. Please share this video and ask for change so that practices in businesses like these will end one day soon!


The owners of this slaughterhouse are invited to respond at any time.


Reporting Patrizia Barretto for #JaneChained #JNN. 


Report edited by Ellen Dent.


Photos Courtesy of Patrizia Barretto and @lafp_campaign Instagram page:


The group of amazing protestors who came out this day asking this business to change for the sake of the animals, the neighborhood, and everything in existence. They wear the tape to show support for the March of Silence 2018 which will take place in Downtown Los Angeles at 5pm in Grand Park. Activists will march in solidarity and silence for the animals who never had a voice.


Marissa and Kelly proudly hold their signs high outside of the slaughterhouse!


One dedicated activist even wore a chicken costume and had a sign. “Thanks for not eating us.”


Lindsay Marie hold her sign demanding liberation for all animals NOW!


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The International Vegan Flag soared over this protest. Please choose compassion and please go vegan!


You will hear us speak for them over your music. Activists definitely came prepared with their own sound devices!


Kero proudly holds the vegan flag and with his other hand he displays peace for all animals by choosing a vegan lifestyle.
A billboard sponsored by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hovers over the business. PETA has also organized demonstrations outside of this slaughterhouse.






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