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Party in the Street! The Vegan Street Fair Festival in Los Angeles!

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Party in the Street! The Vegan Street Fair Festival in Los Angeles!



#JaneUnChained live at Vegan Street Fair Nights 2018 in North Hollywood, CA with multiple social media influencers and tasty food options galore! A crowd of people came to take part of the vegan plant-based festival this day through the evening. Paige starts by taking an up close peak at the amazing gourmet soy fried chicken offerings from Atlas Monroe, and she counts off all of the many businesses that came out to share their delicious food offerings with everyone! Businesses like Cena Vegan, Cinnaholic, Vegetinos, The Base, Evolution Burger, and so many more! Donna Jean restaurant even came all the way up from San Diego!


People were in their vegan swag shirts. “Vegan, It’s not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle” on one shirt, “Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You,” on another. There was even a couple wearing custom matching airbrushed t shirts. It’s absolutely wonderful to see so much support in one place for vegan lifestyles. One man, The Plant-based G, told us his inspiring story of losing 130 pounds in a little over a year after transitioning to a healthy plant-based lifestyle! Absolutely incredible!


Popular social media influencers like Johnny Juicer and Vegan Fat Kid were in attendance as well. Paige was able to catch up with  Vegan Fat Kid, the curator of the fair, wearing his “Living His Best Vegan Life” shirt. Jessica Shay, the main organizer of the Vegan Street Fair, also cruised by and said hello!


The most amazing part of this festival is that so many “pre-vegans” came out. Many of them came with friends that are already vegan which shows the power of sharing the lifestyle! It was all love, fun, drinks, smiling people, and most importantly food at this lively event. The food looked absolutely amazing and the energy at this festival is unbeatable!



Check out the next video to see Kat Von D who stopped by the Vegan Street Fair…


#JaneUnChained LIVE at Vegan Street Fair Nights 2018 in North Hollywood, California, with Kat Von D and NBA legend John Salley.


Paige finds Kat Von D and her husband Prayers posing for a cute pic with Hae, a dog that was recently rescued from Jindo Love Rescue in Korea. She was spared from the dog meat trade and brought here to her loving adopter Enzo La Rocca. The organization In Defense of Animals reached out the nonprofit Animal Alliance Network last month, and told them about several dogs that needed to be rescued in Korea from the dog meat trade. A flyer was circulated through the community and Enzo stepped up to the task of rescuing this sweet dog!


Paige stops by Evolution Burger, and talks to Dominic the owner, and he wants everyone to know “you don’t have to hurt anyone to eat good food.” Evolution Burger recently held a fundraiser with Love Always Sanctuary, a nonprofit sanctuary that specializes in hospice care for non-human animals. Evolution Burger will be there again for an amazing brunch fundraiser on September 23rd at 10a.m! Paige is loving her burger, and we can vouch that this place is amazing! Get your Evolution Burger on at The Vegan Street Fair!


It was truly a party out there that night! People are hanging out, singing karaoke, eating, and just all around having a great time! We cannot wait to attend and see all of you at the next Vegan Street Fair!


Check out the Vegan Street Fair Website:


Follow them for updates on Instagram:


Follow social media influencer and curator of The Vegan Street FairVegan Fat Kid!
Report edited by Ellen Dent.


All loving people are welcome at the Vegan Street Fair. No wonder the energy was so amazing!


Amazing food offerings everywhere Paige turned. Cena Vegan. Yum!


Closeup of this amazing dish from Cena Vegan!


Jessica Shay poses for a fun pic!


A refreshing natural drink from The Base Co. on this hot day. “Bee Happy”


It was definitely a party for everyone at this festival!
Vegan Street Fair also had vegan babes if the food was not enough reason to come!


Vegan Fat Kid poses for a pic with the Evolution Burger crew and owner Dominic.


Make sure to get your social media photo opp whenever possible.


Paige is all smiles with this Charlie’s Brownies dessert and we would be too!


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