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Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur Celebrates Foie Gras Ban!

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Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur Celebrates Foie Gras Ban!

Ducks and geese are restrained so they can be force fed.

Farm Sanctuary‘s President Gene Baur on #JaneUnChained #LIVETALK! VICTORY as the US Supreme Court denies a challenge by the foie gras industry! This means selling foie gras in California is ILLEGAL! Gene tells us what to do if we see it being sold! Farm Sanctuary has been a pivotal leader in this campaign, sponsoring California’s landmark 2004 legislation to ban foie gras in the state, while also rescuing birds from this horrific industry. It’s been a long, hard-won fight. JNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell asks Gene all about it and more!

Metal tubes are used to force feed the birds and this can result in many injuries.

Foie gras involves the force feeding of a duck or goose in most cases. The practice usually involves a metal feeding tube in which the bird is restrained and forced to ingest a large amount of food so their livers become fatter than usual. It is incredibly torturous for the animal, and it  can result in esophageal injuries and death in these animals. Gene is all too familiar with the horrible treatment these birds receive in this industry. Farm Sanctuary has saved some of these animals and Gene explains the injuries these birds have endured as a result. “I think of birds like Monet and Matisse who arrived with sores on their bills from the feeding pipe, as well as cuts, scrapes, and broken feathers on their bodies that testified to lives spent in cramped cages. Today, they are free to live in peace and will never again know human cruelty.”

Matisse, a duck rescued by Farm Sanctuary arrived with sores on his bill from the feeding tube.

The denial of the Supreme court to hear the restaurants and foie gras suppliers that were opposed to Senate Bill 1520 means that it is now illegal to produce or sell foie gras in California. Any restaurant that is found to be in violation of the foie gras ban will be subject to a $1000 fine. So please make sure to report the sale of this unfathomably cruel animal product. By doing so you ensure that all restaurants know that it is absolutely unacceptable to have this on their menus. You can film them selling you this item and take photos to be used as evidence. Call the police if you have to. This practice must be put to an end now. They have also introduced a bill in New York which will ban the force feeding of any birds. Stay tuned for more information on how you can help Farm Sanctuary get this ban passed next!

A veterinarian treats Matisse.

Foi gras industry representatives and restaurants are welcome to respond at any time.

Monet, another rescued duck, shows off his newly found freedom!


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Jane Velez-Mitchell  reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.org and Peta.org.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.





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