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Drink Coffee to Live Longer!

Drink Coffee to Live Longer!

Come on in and do your body and taste buds a favor!

All Organic Vegan options on #LunchBreakLIVE today at Longevity Coffee Shop located in the Conejo Valley between Westlake Village, California and Thousand Oaks, California. Featuring specialty coffees made with homemade whipped coconut cream, as well as an array of delicious plant-based menu items, partners Rebecca Gauthier and Len Foley opened its doors a year ago. Let’s taste their unique blends.

Rebecca and Len, the owners of Longevity Coffee, are bringing the highest quality drinks and food to their customers!

Our special taste tester Rosanna Caira with Rabbit Hole Foods enjoys the scrumptious avocado toast and Immortal Bowl. The avocado toast is not just pretty to look at but it is packed with super food power! The gluten-free organic bread is from Baked LA, while the raspberries and radish garnish are sourced from local farmers. Be sure to taste their unique root beer, straight from the tap with a healing herbal tincture mixture. Watch and learn about superfoods and healthy tonic herbs!

This is the coffee of dreams come true!

Len shows us how they infuse sodas with reishi mushroom herbs. At Longevity Coffee they are dedicated to serving their clients food and drinks to help prolong their lives! Rebecca explains that they came up with the idea for their herbal infused sodas while she was pregnant to make something for her daughter to enjoy later in life and not feel deprived of drinking junky soda. She says her husband has humbly created a delicious soda drink that is packed with herbs that prevent sickness. They also sell the herbs and many other health foods in the store! They source their chocolate directly from naturally occurring cacao plants growing in the jungle’s of Ecuador.

This avocado toast isn’t just winning beauty contests, it is packed full of super food goodness!

Next, Len makes us a Vanilla Jing City® coffee drink. He adds espresso to an infused elixir full of nutrients for the body.  Len explains that the coffee is a great vehicle to deliver nutrients to the body. Please come by this amazing business and get your fill of delicious nutrient filled drinks and food offerings next time you are in the Thousand Oaks, California area!

Not in the mood for coffee? Come try their herb infused sodas on tap too!

Visit Longevity Coffee website!

Visit the Rabbit Hole Foods website and keep an eye out for their foods to be offered nationwide!


Paige Parsons Roache reporting live for JaneUnChained.com.

Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache and Brooke Sliger.

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Rosanna and Paige cheers to their health with this healthy shot.
Can this bowl grant you immortality?? We’d sure like to find out!
There are all sorts of herbs, elixirs, and nutrients to buy in the shop too!
Don’t forget to bring home a bag of their high quality low acidity coffee!



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