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If You Can’t Look, Don’t Eat Them!

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If You Can’t Look, Don’t Eat Them!

Activists line up twice a week to give water and love to baby pigs.

JaneUnchained LIVE only a few miles from Downtown, Los Angeles, California where activists are giving thirsty pigs water with The Save Movement group Animal Alliance Network. Meet the faces behind your bacon, pork chops, ribs & ham. If you can’t bear to see these baby pigs suffering on this truck, then you shouldn’t eat them. This is the reason they are dying. The issue is consumerism. When people buy meat innocent creatures die.

A curious thirsty pig peer through the holes of the pig trucks for their first and last kind interactions with humans.

This is by no means an isolated incident. This is happening to over 70 billion land animals all around the world! Statistics say that every second that you are reading this over 2,000 animals lose their lives in slaughterhouses. Trillions of sea animals are killed every year, many of which are fed to animals in factory farms. We have to do better as a species. Global meat consumption is a plague that is ruining our planet. It is the number one factor of global warming as the waste from animals creates the most greenhouse gasses. Farmers continue to deforest our rainforests and natural habitats worldwide to make more room for livestock to graze. These short term profits will have ultimate losses for every living being on our planet when we don’t have oxygen to breathe! Massive fires and floods will only increase in severity if we don’t change the way we misuse the Earth’s resources.

Activists give water and film what they see to show mercy to these creatures while spreading the footage to those who are not aware of their plight.

When will the madness stop? It stops when people like you demand change and embody in their actions. It stops when people stop buying their body parts in the graveyard sections of almost every grocery store on the planet. A person has a choice to choose compassion and not eat these creatures. Eating animals is completely unnecessary and often times has extremely adverse effects on the human body that lead to suffering and death. Make it stop. Don’t eat them and tell everyone you know the truth about what is happening to these animals, the planet, and the havoc eating them has on the human body. Let’s make this stop one meal at a time.

These amazing activists come week after week sacrificing their evening in hope to end their suffering through awareness.

The animal agriculture industry is invited to respond at any time. Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Mondays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

Connect with your local Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.

Check your impact with The Vegan Calculator.

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Sarah Segal reporting for Jane Unchained News Network. Photos courtesy of Jeannie Velazquez and group photo by Vegan Marine.

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