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We Want Vegan Pancakes at IHOP Now!

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We Want Vegan Pancakes at IHOP Now!

Scott, Taylor, and Gwenna teamed up to make this delicious demonstration happen!
JaneUnChained is LIVE at the IHOP’s Los Angeles headquarters with Vegan Outreach and Compassion Over Killing in celebration of National Pancake Day. Taylor Radig explains they just dropped off Follow Your Heart pancake and waffle batter samples along with 23,000 signed petitions. Gwenna Hunter of Vegan Outreach and also a JanUnchained Contributor explains that this is a win for everyone! “Vegan Pancakes are just as good,” without any unnecessary animal products like milk or eggs. Taylor woke up bright and early at 2 a.m. and cooked these larger than life vegan pancakes just to prove this point!
Taylor proudly showcases the formal request letter!
Scott David explains that when we get vegan options in these larger businesses “we can start to ween ourselves off of animal products as a society!  Faramarz Nabavi says he is here because he went to IHOP recently and tried to order a vegan meal and they did not have any satisfying breakfast items that were vegan. Lisa snuck in a taste test of the vegan pancake display and say they are absolutely delicious! C’mon IHOP! Get with the times and get vegan options!
Gwenna is ready to dig into this beyond an all-you-can-eat giant stack of pancakes!
IHOP representatives are invited on at any time to respond.
Please comment on IHOP’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
The joint letter encourages IHOP to join the group of fast-food chains that are now offering vegan options nationwide!
Lisa Karlan reporting LIVE for JaneUnChained News at
Photos sourced from Gwenna Hunter.


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