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Actor Michael Rapaport Attends a Pig Vigil!

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Actor Michael Rapaport Attends a Pig Vigil!

This amazing group of people sacrifices their nights to extend compassion to the pigs transported to the slaughterhouse.

JaneUnchained LIVE only a few miles from Downtown, Los Angeles, California where activists are giving thirsty pigs water with The Save Movement group Animal Alliance Network. Celebrity vocalist of the hardcore punk band H2O, Toby Morse, along with his wife Moon, and son Max bring their friend famous comedian and actor Michael Rapaport to his first pig vigil. You may know Michael from the films Poetic Justice, Deep Blue Sea, and Next Friday to name a few. He’s also starred in and made appearances on several TV shows including Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Chappelle’s Show, My Name Is Earl and Black-ish. Michael is not vegan, but he might be considering it after seeing the pigs suffering on the trucks.

Toby has been “MEAT-FREE” for 33 years!

Toby and his family have attended multiple pig vigils and events that aim to end the suffering of animals. Toby describes what we see at the vigils bluntly, scared pigs piled on top of each other in their own excrement “all for the sake of an f-ing hotdog? He says, “It’s  2019. There are a lot of alternatives.” Michael explains that he was “scared” to come and it was very difficult for him to attend the vigil because he did not know how it would make him feel. He had to prepare himself mentally to see the animals that end up on people’s plates and possibly his own. Interestingly enough he says his wife Kebe Dunn is a vegetarian, so he doesn’t eat much meat at home.

Michael Rapaport’s reaction next to the truck says it all. Thank you for bearing witness to their plight.

Nevertheless, anyone who comes to a vigil cannot unsee the suffering of the animals that they bear witness to. Michael explains that after this experience he has a lot to think about to “process” what he experienced. He has connected with the pigs at a sanctuary in the past and now he’s seen the devastating reality of the thousands of that were transported to their deaths at this slaughterhouse on this very night. We applaud Michael Rapaport for bravely leaving his comfort zone and the Morse family for bringing him to see what pigs go through to behind the scenes of the meat industry.

Toby gives water to the thirsty pigs.

Representatives of the slaughterhouse or animal agriculture are invited to respond at any time.

Sweet innocent creatures that are smarter than traditional companion animals, dogs and cats, are trucked to their deaths on a daily basis at this slaughterhouse.

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Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

They are so much like us but yet we treat them so differently.

Connect with your local Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.

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Jack DiMillo reports for JaneUnchained.

Photos courtesy of The Hendrys and Cesar Asebedo.



Jack gets up close to get Michael’s reaction for JanUnchained News! Photo: Cesar Asebedo
Organizers Jeannie and Sergio keep the crowd of activists safe!
Cesar Asebdo takes a video to share with his social media followers.
They are so much like us but yet we treat them so differently.
Me with the youngest activist and daughter, Aria, stopping by the vigil.
Activists use these signs to raise awareness and block the slaughterhouse gates.
The Save Movement is love-based so activists show peace signs to the truck drivers and workers.
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