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Plant-based Business: “Crazy, Freaky Good”

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Plant-based Business: “Crazy, Freaky Good”

Elysabeth Alfano

Host of the Plant-based Business Hour, Elysabeth Alfano has officially launched Plant Powered Consulting, an agency helping companies navigate the plant-based landscape with branding, messaging, marketing, communications and PR.

“I have been helping plant-based brands with messaging and PR for years.  However, Covid was such an accelerant for the sector that I now receive several requests a day for marketing and PR strategy from brands large and small from around the globe. I finally decided to make it official and start an agency. Business is crazy, freak good!”  Plant Powered Consulting has five people on the team.

Plant Powered Consulting



The Bingo Effect

Many may know of Alfano due to the popularity of The Plantbased Business Hour.  However, she started her career in Marketing with IBM and was a Brand Manager on Kellogg’s Special K and Frosted Mini Wheats.

Working with plant-based brands has special importance for Alfano.  “Promoting plant-based brands has deep meaning for me. It’s a joy to be using my experience and skills to further what I believe in. When your passion meets your skill set, I call it the Bingo Effect.”

Alfano attributes the success of her agency to her deep commitment to furthering plant-based business.  “I think the fact that I am an active member of the community with the Plant-based Business Hour and my involvement with the GlassWall Syndicate plant-based investment group gives brands a level of comfort, familiarity and trust.

“I have decades of experience, know everyone and there is no doubt that I am mission-aligned. Even from my days with The Dinner Party, an interactive dinner series I did in my hometown of Chicago, and  I have always been concerned about the deleterious effects of animal agriculture on human health, animal welfare and the environment.“

In addition to Plant Powered Consulting and the Plantbased Business Hour, Elysabeth speaks on the latest plant-based trends, developments, and analysis around the nation and on major media outlets including WGN-TV, WGN Radio and Forbes.

Elysabeth Alfano Interviewing

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The Time is Now

A study by Boston Consulting Group and The Blue Horizons Corporation predicts that plant-based proteins will be $290B by 2035 and this can only happen with a rapid increase in plant-based start-ups and large multi-nationals shifting their product lines.  A.T. Kearney predicts that plant-based, cell-based and fermented proteins will the majority protein at 60% of the meat market by 2040.

Very few mainstream marketers understand the landscape, the flexitarian consumer, the expected growth trajectory or the subtleties of the sector, let alone its major players, like Alfano does. “The food world is changing really quickly, and it helps to have someone on the inside who intimately understands the plant-based market and believes in the purpose,” says Alfano.  She can be reached on Linkedin.

Elysabeth Alfano on WGN

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