Vegan Business Leaders

Vegan business is exploding on the stock market and on supermarket shelves. Beyond Meat’s wildly successful Initial Public Offering made global headlines. Beyond Meat’s Ethan Brown was the golden boy on mainstream financial networks, talking about how the future of food is meatless. The Good Food Institute notes “2019 marked another impressive year for plant-based foods! New data shows that total plant-based retail sales reached $5 billion and grew 11 percent over the past year—almost five times faster than total U.S. retail food sales. Dollar sales of plant-based foods grew 29 percent over the past two years, compared to just 4 percent growth for total U.S. retail food dollar sales over the same time period.” Now, meet some of the extraordinary business leaders behind this planet-saving trend.


Plant-Based Corned “Beef” You Must See to Believe!

#LunchBreakLIVE with the amazing Jenny Hanna Goldfarb of Count Your Colors! Watch as she debuts Mrs Goldfarb’s Unreal…

Chef Babette Inspires Us at Vegan Toastmasters!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at #VeganToastmasters in Los Angeles as vegan advocate extraordinaire Chef Babette of Stuff…

New Jackfruit Food Truck from the “Jack Fruit Queen!”

#JaneUnChained LIVE with Jackfruit Cafe in Jefferson Park, LA! Next week Angie’s truck will be in Burbank, California & Toluca Lake, California! Angela Means is the JackfruitQueen and now she has her own truck! Her 100% plant-based food is out of this world fantastic! Check Jackfruit Cafe’s Facebook page for specific locations/times!

Matthew Kenney’s Opening of New Deli is the Future of Convenience Stores!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at New Deli, a fabulous, new 100% vegan deli in the heart of Venice Beach, California. It’s also the coolest plant-based general store on the planet! Created by noted vegan entrepreneur Matthew Kenney, whose famous restaurant Plant Food + Wine Venice is nearby on Abbot Kinney, New Deli has all of our favorite vegan cheeses, ice creams, personal care and essentials, along with a counter that serves scrumptious vegan foods, desserts and really good coffee! This spot is a must visit for every vegan and pre-vegan! Get your compassion on at New Deli at 2524 Pacific Avenue, Venice 90292!

Spotlight On The Hearty And Bright Flavors Of Suncafe!

In depth with Ron Russell of Suncafe Organic. Hosted by Antoinette Westcott and special guest taste testers Cory Roberts, Ida Roberts, Isaac C. Singleton, Jr., Ayal Lebow, and Prabhat Gautam.

Vegan Chef Reacts to Seeing Pigs Headed to their Deaths!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles, California to give water and comfort to young pigs arriving on trucks to be killed and turned into slices of ham and bacon! The amazing vegan Chef Babette of Stuff I Eat – Vegan Cuisine in Inglewood plus CatFitness & plant-based bodybuilder Vegan Monk are here bearing witness for the first time!! Hear what they have to say about this bloodshed. Los Angeles Animal Save organizes the vigil as part of The Save Movement! Gwenna Hunteris a contributor for #JaneUnChained

SunCafe Organic: Top 10 Restaurant out of 9,000 Restaurants in Los Angeles

At Suncafe Organic, twice rated one of the 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles by…