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It’s One Big Vegan Party At Suncafe Organic!

It’s One Big Vegan Party At Suncafe Organic!

#LunchBreakLIVE at the amazing Suncafe Organic in Studio City, California across from Universal City, California! Great news! This award-winning restaurant is opening another location this summer in Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd near Whole Foods Market! It will feature their marvelous menu plus late night entertainment! We talk to restaurant owner Ron Russell who, with co-owner Rebecca Smith, is expanding toward the sea! Today’s taste testers are Darbi Gwynn, vegan lifestyle promoter, poet Sean Hill, animal communicator Sarah Lea, vegan professional rugby player Naveed Mardi, vegan fitness trainer Luca Marshall Fent, author Megan Sadd of Carrots and Flowers and her adorable vegan since birth daughter Lily!

Suncafe owner Ron Russell with Jane Velez-Mitchell


Suncafe Storefront.


What it means to be a fully vegan restaurant.


Want to know more about Suncafe?  Here is their story, taken directly from their website:


“At SunCafe, our unique take on rustic world cuisine is designed to tantalize your taste buds while delivering optimum health and nutrition. Our made-to-order dishes take a little extra preparation, but they are worth the wait… we promise! Our menu is plant-based and dairy-free and most items can be made gluten-free. Though we are experienced in handling special dietary needs, please bear in mind our kitchen regularly uses many different types of tree nuts and items that contain gluten. We use the freshest organic ingredients and make our dishes from scratch for the liveliest food you will ever experience. Organically-farmed produce avoids the use of toxic pesticides, which are linked to many diseases and health issues. In addition, organic food is GMO-free. By using seasonal produce, your meal is at the peak of its nutritional value and taste.

Suncafe has won numerous awards including named 1 of the 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2 different years. We’ve won 18 other culinary awards including Best Smoothie in L.A., 2X Best Vegan Mac n Cheese and many more. Also, Suncafe has been named to many top ten lists including Best Vegan Restaurants by Gayot, Most Romantic Vegan Restaurants in the U.S., and Top Vegan Restaurants U.S. by Opentable.

We’ve also been named The Most Sustainable Restaurant in L.A. by the Sustainable Business Council.”


Do those nachos look amazing or what!?


Pizza Anyone? OMG YES!


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More deliciousness from Suncafe!


So many amazing choices at Suncafe!


Darbi Gwynn showing off her tasty vegan pizza from Suncafe!


Author Megan Sadd of Carrots and Flowers and her adorable – vegan since birth – daughter Lily!


Here is a fun and easy bonus recipe for you from Suncafe!

Fast Curry Sauce
half cup almond butter
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 pitted dates
pinch of salt and pepper
1/2 cup water
Blend in Vitamix
Visit Suncafe.com for more info about this award-winning! vegan establishment



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