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Vintage Veg: Classic Vegan Comfort Food on UnchainedTV

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Vintage Veg: Classic Vegan Comfort Food on UnchainedTV

Laura Crotty, Star of Vintage Veg

Indianapolis, Indiana, April 19th, 2023 – Vegan comfort food is my happy place.  If, like me, you regularly find yourself craving your grandmother’s Toll House chocolate chip cookies minus the animal-based ingredients, Laura Crotty is about to become your new best friend.

Crotty’s new cooking show is Vintage Veg, now streaming on UnchainedTV. Featuring a cool, retro vibe, Vintage Veg features veganized versions of old-fashioned favorites like lemon meringue pie, which she makes using aquafaba instead of eggs.  Part Mary Tyler Moore show, part really interesting documentary on the history of classic American food, and part Food Network, Vintage Veg is not your average cooking show.  Crotty infuses the episodes with entertaining facts about the history of each recipe.  For example, did you know that lemon meringue was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite pie?  And, the vintage cookbook she used to come up with her veganized pie recipe was actually illustrated by Andy Warhol! Check out the episode below.

Make vegan comfort food from your childhood with Vintage Veg

Vegan lemon meringue pie
Veganized lemon meringue pie.  From Laura Crotty’s website

Vegan comfort food can be an important source of pleasure when life gets stressful.  The New York Times recently published an article about the science behind why comfort food feels so good.  They found that, “Much of the joy we get from our favorite dishes stems from the memories we associate with them.”  Providing a cruelty-free way for us to feel nostalgic is what makes Vintage Veg so innovative and exciting.  Crotty seems to innately understand the importance of linking personal memories, which she shares on the show, to the vegan comfort food she teaches us to make.

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Crotty hopes her recipes will, “tempt you to eat plants, and taste memories!”

In addition to her new show, Crotty has published The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook, which includes vegan versions of classics like S’mores from the 1927 Girl Scouts Handbook and chocolate cake from the 1934 Hershey’s cookbook.  Now that Crotty has found a way to veganize it, I can finally have my childhood cake, and eat it too.

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