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Plant-Based Corned “Beef” You Must See to Believe!

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Plant-Based Corned “Beef” You Must See to Believe!

#LunchBreakLIVE with the amazing Jenny Hanna Goldfarb of Count Your Colors! Watch as she debuts Mrs Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli featuring 100% plant-based corned “beef!” Jenny is launching this delish meat alternative! Also, get Jenny’s e-book with 40+ easy recipes for the whole family!


Check out Jenny’s website to learn more about her amazing Unreal Deli!  www.UnrealDeli.com

Pre-order her new cookbook HERE

Check out this video showing Jenny’s plant-based corned “beef” product and people’s reactions on the street: https://bit.ly/2BHZj8n

Jenny Goldfarb and her plant-based corned “beef”


Jenny is a plant-based chef in the LA area and host of the Food Blog + YouTube show Count Your Colors, where she develops delicious, plant-based recipes for palates old and young.  The only plant-based food item of her past that Jenny couldn’t find or replicate was authentic New York Deli meat….UNTIL NOW!

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Jenny’s AMAZING plant-based corned “beef”!


We can’t tell you the recipe for the plant-based corned “beef” because it is top secret, about to go on the market!  But here is the recipe for the French/Russian/Thousand Island…

1/2 cup of vegan mayo
2 tablespoons of relish or one finely chopped pickle
2 tbl tomato paste
1 tbl sriracha
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp of onion powder
1/4 tsp sea salt
pinch pepper
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