Vegan Leaders

There is growing evidence that veganism is on its way to becoming the overriding social justice movement of the 21st Century. That’s because veganism is the solution to so many of humanity’s greatest problems: climate change, human world hunger, human disease, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction, environmental and dietary racism… to name a few. Also, the practice of nonviolence is the spiritual solution to the overarching challenge facing our species… how to co-exist while causing the least amount of suffering.

Vegan leaders face a huge hurdle: convincing humans that it is in their self-interest to be kind to other beings over whom they have so much power. Vegan leaders see the big picture and know how to communicate that vision in a way that gets people’s attention without making them so defensive that they stop listening and just start arguing.

UnChainedTV profiles many visionaries in this arena from the ultimate movement leader, Ingrid Newkirk of PETA to Dr. Sailesh Rao, the cutting edge scientist determined to turn society vegan by 2026. Thousands of others around the world are leading the way in different aspects of our movement. Now, meet some of these amazing individuals.


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