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A Vegan Child Prodigy Launches Channel!

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A Vegan Child Prodigy Launches Channel!

A Vegan Child’s Journey- Genesis Butler making veggie sushi! This 11-year old TEDx talker will blow your mind! Genesis is launching her own You Tube channel and non-profit! Genesis is the great great niece of Cesar Chavez. She just finished filming a documentary where she learns about Cesar and his various forms of activism, which included animal activism.  She will also appear in Invisible Vegan, an upcoming documentary about people of color and veganism.  Join her LunchBreakLIVE party!

1 1/2 cups Calrose rice (any rice will do)
2 cups water
2 tablespoons sweet and tangy rice vinegar
1 cucumber cut peeled and cut length wise
1 avocado sliced
pickled ginger
seaweed snack pack 
Liquid amino for rice
soy sauce for rice
ginger dressing for rice
fried onions for topping
sesame seeds for topping 
Add rice to 2 cups boiling water, close with lid and heat on low for 20 minutes. 
Once rice is complete, take off lid and stir around with a fork. Add the rice vinegar and mix it in the rice.  Place rice in a bowl and add soy sauce, liquid aminos or ginger dressing to the rice.
On a seaweed square, add a large spoonful of rice and top with veggies.
You can add pickled ginger, fried onions, and sesame seeds on top 
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