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Activists Say No More Bull At The Rodeo!

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Activists Say No More Bull At The Rodeo!

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Activists raise their voices for the bulls and animals used in the rodeo who cannot speak for themselves.

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at STAPLES Center at a Bull Riding event protest organized by Last Chance for Animals (LCA). Keep watching and you will see the demo grow rapidly to nearly 100 people!

Please boycott the rodeo so these innocent creatures are no longer exploited.

Activists showed up in large numbers to say no to rodeo-related activities where they claim animals undergo extreme abuse. The purpose of the protest is to raise awareness about the cruelty and torture that takes place at bull riding Events. They want to ban rodeo-related entertainment from Los Angeles. One activist, Ramin Saber, explains the cruelty these animals can experience in further detail. He explains that bulls are normally very docile creatures. In order to get them upset and in an aggressive state to defend themselves, handlers poke them with electric prods, and they also strap their genitals. Brittany Drake says she is appalled that practices like the rodeo are still permitted in a progressive city like Los Angeles. She also says that a large number of activists helps drive home the point that people do not want to see these types of events in their city. 

Lindsey hard at work bringing us a LIVE feed on JaneUnchained.

The activists this day lead the charge against the idea of using and torturing animals for entertainment. These bulls do not want to be ridden. They want to be free to live their lives like any other being. One activist makes the point that it is not entertainment unless all the parties involved are willing to participate. This is not that case with the rodeo. These animals are being held against their will and forced to perform a violent spectacle for onlookers. Take a stand against the rodeo or any practices that involve unwilling participants by visiting the links below!

Actress Donna D’Errico joined fellow activists to protest the rodeo!

Rodeo representatives are invited on at any time.

Visit the LCA website stop bull riding page!

See the resourced offered by PETA to petition against bullriding! 


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Lindsey Baker reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Natalie Ford.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

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