Upset pig in a crate
Urgent: Stop Deceptive Anti-Animal EATS Act!

Pro-Animal-Cruelty Bill Aims to Undo Farmed Animal Protections! URGENT! Animal lovers in America, we need…

Selection of Miyoko's vegan cheeses
Vegan Cheese Queen Miyoko Schinner Wins Big VS Dairy Industry!

Miyoko Schinner Wins & Will Keep Saying Vegan Butter! Miyoko Schinner, the Queen of vegan…

Calf in confinament, against the rules of California's Proposition 12
California’s Prop 12 is Safe… for Now!

US Courts Reject Challenges to California’s Proposition 12 California’s Proposition 12, which bans the intensive…

Demostrators with anti-cage banners in front of a pig statue
The European Commission Commits to Ban Cages in Animal Farming

From 2027 Farm Animals May No Longer Be Kept in Cages in The EU The…

Diane Warren at dinner with slaughterhouse owner.
How Songwriter Diane Warren Rescued 2 Escaped Cows!

Read this riveting, blow by blow, insider account by Simone Reyes (vegan activist, country singer…

Teenager girl smiling in front of flowers
Teen Wins Vegan Discrimination Battle

VEGAN DISCRIMINATION IS EVERYWHERE We, vegans, know that vegan discrimination may come from every corner.…

Composite images of factory farm animals, antibiotics and pandemics
A Court Challenge to End Factory Farming: Could it All Be Illegal?

COULD ALL OF FACTORY FARMING BE ILLEGAL? I will never forget the moment, as I…

Three women from behind closely watching a truck with chickens
A Decade of Bearing Witness for the Animals

An interview with some of the leaders of the Animal Save Movement, founder Anita Kranjc and Director of Communications James O’Toole, showing its history and the current campaign of stopping a new slaughterhouse

Beyond Animal Agriculture Summit Is a Hit!

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One of the world's most famous families: Billie Eilish and mom Maggie Baird. Both are vegan!
World Plant Milk Day is NOW!

It’s World Plant Milk Day That’s right. Today is World Plant Milk Day, the day…