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Welcome to Vegan Utopia at LA Vegfest!

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Welcome to Vegan Utopia at LA Vegfest!

JaneUnChained LIVE preview to VegFest Los Angeles. When you think Vegfest you probably think of a bunch of amazing vegan food, but that’s not the case as you see here with Renée checking out the Art for Elephants booth. There are all sorts of other vendors and nonprofit groups that came out to this festival too. You can get all of your vegan apparel needs met here at booths like Cowhugger run by vegan activists and entrepreneurs, Stephanie and Patrick. By wearing clothing with animal rights and/or vegan messages, you are a walking form of activism. As with any Vegfest, you can definitely get your fill of delicious plant-based foods while you enjoy all of the panels, cooking demos, performances, drinks, and all of the amazing people who attend this event!

Renée Marinkovich reports for JaneUnChained.
JaneUnChained  LIVE with Alicia Silverstone at VegFest Los Angeles! Alicia shares a story about her brother guiding her to veganism when she was 8 years old by making farm animal sounds while she was eating them. It wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21, and made the connection that all animals who are sentient like her companion animals, should not be eaten. Her health and life completely changed for the better! Her cystic acne cleared up and she felt a weight lift off of her body and her life. Alicia is an incredible activist for the animals, who advocated for legislation like SB1249, which banned animal testing on cosmetics sold in California. She has written books about veganism and animal welfare. She is truly an inspiration to us all!
Celebrity vegan for the animals, Alicia Silverstone, shares her stories and her perspectives with Vegfest goers!
JaneUnChained LIVE at VegFest Los Angeles with vegan social media influencers Bobby Sud, Gwenna Hunter of Vegans of LA, Asher Brown of Switch4Good and vegan and up stunt woman Darbi Gwynn. Darbi explains that her form of activism is spreading positivity. She wants to share positive interactions with others while encouraging them to go vegan. She gives the example of her cheering someone on at the grocery store when they are trying plant-based alternatives. Bobby explains that being vegan is great but we should all be vegan. That’s the least we can do. He says that we should all find our forms of activism whether we get on “the front lines” by going into slaughterhouses or protesting to having a simple discussion with someone about the amazing vegan options they can try instead of animal products. This is all activism according to him. Gwenna explains that she loves doing vegan outreach, sharing food samples, helping organize festivals, and now she is interested in making films. Asher explains that in his personal experience, his friends come to him for advice especially after having children, to see how they can improve their diets and lifestyles. Be like these incredible vegans on this panel and share your experience and knowledge with others. You never know how much a five-minute conversation can impact the life of another person!
The Vegfest audience is captivated by these amazing speakers!
JaneUnChained LIVE at VegFest Los Angeles with the leaders of the animal rights movement! Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary, Renee King-Sonnen of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Leah Garces, president of Mercy For Animals and Judie Mancuso, president of Social Compassion In Legislation! Are we hitting the vegan tipping point in 2019!
This powerhouse panel shares how we can make the world a better place for everyone!
These legendary leaders of the animal rights movement share the amazing work they have been doing and are currently doing to make the dream of a vegan world with respect for all of our fellow beings happen. Jane opens the floor by sharing that the mission of our movement should be to work with each other to further our mutual causes and work. She explains we also need to work with groups that have intersectional causes like the environmentalist groups that are gaining popularity rapidly worldwide! Leah Garces, who has three vegan children of her own, explains that Mercy for Animals is ready to join forces with the environmental movements. Gene Baur explains that we are in a climate crisis and we need to work on a monetary level to support the transition of animal agriculture to sustainable crops. Judy explains that Social Compassion in Legislation is doing its part by working on a legislative level to get bills passed that protect our environment. Renee King Sonnen also reaffirms that we need to work with the youths that are battling for our planet and help them realize what needs to be done in order to create a sustainable future. The work that she does to transform farms and ranches into sanctuaries, sustainable farms, and vegan businesses is absolutely revolutionary. Listen to these revolutionary leaders as they impart their wisdom to keep the planet sustainable for all lifeforms!
Judie Mancuso speaks about all the amazing bills she is helping turn into laws with Social Compassion in Legislation.
Meet the Wonder women of Animal Rights!
These women embody activism in so many forms. These women are all remarkable activists, whether they do interviews with awesome vegans like Elysabeth Alfano, work in the legislative arena like Simone Reyes, make amazingly delicious food for vegans and pre-vegans alike like Chef Babette, participate in open rescues like Priya Sawhney, or hold vigils like Amy Jean Davis and Ellen Dent so others can see the plight of farmed animals on their way into slaughterhouses or live markets. They are all strong forces and pillars of their communities for the animal rights movement. They also explain how activism comes in so many forms and each has its place in the movement. Simone explains that people need to leave their comfort zones and do whatever they can in order to save the animals and ultimately our planet. Take it from these wonderful women of activism and get out there and be an activist in your own right. The time to speak up is now because we are running out of time to save ourselves, the animals, and our world. Huge thanks to these incredible ladies for doing everything in your power to save us all!

Jane Velez-Mitchell reports for JaneUnchained News Network.


Photos Courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache, Josh Meckel, and Kenziah Rubens.

Donny of Vegan As Fvck and Charlie of Charlie’s Brownies.


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