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The Eden Magazine Teams With Jane Velez-Mitchell!

The Eden Magazine Teams With Jane Velez-Mitchell!

Jane Velez Mitchell - The Eden

The Eden Magazine teamed up with our very own Jane Velez-Mitchell to do a cover and magazine spread about Jane and her activism.  It was a perfect match because The Eden Magazine is dedicated to delivering a peaceful message that echoes respect for all living beings on this planet by living a plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle.


Jane Velez-Mitchell on the cover of The Eden Magazine.

About The Eden Magazine

“Discover the path to peaceful living among other living beings. We are all made of vibration and light in the universe to manifest our energy around all livingness. Respect and honor animals, plants and everything in our beautiful Universe…..We are all connected.

With the rise of the online sector as the primary source of news and communications, Eden Magazine is here to take you to the world of living a healthier, in harmony and cruelty-free among each another. Eden Magazine goal is to promote inner change, and thoughts through educational tools to acquaint us with our world.”

Maryam Morrison is a visual artist and animals activist. She is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Eden Magazine.


Maryam Morrison


Here are some of the beautiful photos from the magazine spread which show Jane in action.  Natalie Ford was the photographer on this shoot and she did a great job capturing the spirit of Jane Velez-Mitchell as well as her passion for Animal Rights and the Plant-Based Lifestyle.


Jane Velez-Mitchell interviewing Actor/Activist Kim Basinger at LCA’s Korean Dog Meat Festival, Los Angeles, CA.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


Jane Velez-Mitchell, at LCA’s Fur Protest, Beverly Hills, CA.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


Jane Velez-Mitchell, JaneUnchained Live: speaking up for the animals.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


Jane Velez-Mitchell at the Animal Rights Conference.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


Jane Velez-Mitchell interviewing Dr. Neal Barnard, Founder & President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). PCRM is a non-profit health organization dedicated to saving and improving human & animal lives through promoting vegan diets & ethical research.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


Jane Velez-Mitchell Posing with colorful veggies at her home.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


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Jane Velez-Mitchell posing with two of her three rescue dogs Foxy and Rico.  Photo:  Natalie Ford Photography


Please visit theedenmagazine.com to see the full spread and read the full interview Maryam Morrison and The Eden Magazine did with Jane Velez-Mitchell! 






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