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Wow to the Vowburger!

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Wow to the Vowburger!

Check out this special #LunchBreakLIVE for the latest plant-based burger spot VOWBURGER, located in the heart of Los Angeles, up the street from the iconic Beverly Center, LACMA, The Grove and more with our incredible guest Molly Marie Basler, creator of The Green Dream Campaign and organizer with Climate Reality Los Angeles.



Vowburger is on a mission.  Here is a little more about Vowburger, which came directly from their website:


“To support the adoption of sustainable foods worldwide, while helping to fight hunger in our local communities.”


1. “To our environment: 100% plant-based with sustainability in mind for everything we do.”

2. “To the community: for every meal purchased we donate a meal to fight hunger in Los Angeles.”

3. “To you: amazing food and an incredible experience.”

Give Back

“Longer term goal is to help feed children around the world. Meal for a meal.”


This new burger joint is awesome!  We love their motto and purpose and their mission!  Not only are the founder’s compassionate people who care about the planet and animals, but they make a damn good vegan burger!

Let’s meet the founders of Vowburger…Sha and Kev!




Vowburger gives back to the community!


Who doesn’t love a good vegan burger and fries? Photo courtesy of Vowburger.com.


Tell me this combo doesn’t make your mouth water! Photo courtesy of Vowburger.com


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Delicious burger from Vowburger. Photo courtesy of Vowburger IG.


This looks delicious! Wow! Photo courtesy of Vowburger IG.


The crew showing off their Vowburgers! Photo courtesy of Vowburger IG.


The delicious meal that Jane and Molly ordered during #LunchBreakLIVE.



If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting,  you MUST try Vowburger.  



519 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90036

Outside Vowburger.

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