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Lunch is Poppin’ at the Sanctuary!

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Lunch is Poppin’ at the Sanctuary!

Come make a donation and you can feed the animals by hand!

JaneUnchained News LunchBreakLIVE is LIVE with Tracy Childs, Vegan Chef with Veg-Appeal and director at PlantDiego. She’s visiting the San Diego area Farm Animal Refuge Open House. She’s sampling all of the amazing vegan fares, like Reuben & Chickpea Tuna Melt sandwiches and divine desserts, talking to Jordan and Matt (FAR’s owners) and visitors and snuggling with as many farm animals as possible! Take a look at some real farm livin’! The best part is these events are free admission for all who’d like to attend!

This chickpea tuna sandwich is “the save the tuna sandwich,” according to Tracy!

Today Tracy and friends try many of the all-vegan options. They are all delicious right down to the desserts which Tracy starts with! But it’s not just the humans that are eating here today. Jordan, explains that their donations make it possible for the sanctuary to feed their animals! She explains events like these are great opportunities for people and their kids to connect with the animals. Today Tracy takes us to say hi to some of the many animals that live here. We see a pig named Jerome socializing with several people, and we meet Freddy a sweet little goat that is in a wheelchair because his back legs are paralyzed. Please come by Farm Animal Refuge next time they have an open house and you can come to say hi and help care for these adorable creatures too!

Tracy gets down to say hi to Freddy the paralyzed goat and Jerome the potbelly pig!
Jane Unchained contributor and San Diego Animal Save co-founder, Melanie Bazzell, shows us how to relax and share the magical experience sanctuaries have to offer to adults and children! Melanie also volunteers at the sanctuary regularly!
This Rueben is going to wow your taste buds! Cruelty-free just tastes better!

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Make sure you save room for the desserts at these open house events! Yummy!

Tracy Childs reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Tracy Childs.

Tracy and her husband, Steven, say hi to this big cow puppy!
Everything served today was vegan to show everyone how delicious compassion can be!
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