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This Sanctuary Has Over 200 Rescued Animals!

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This Sanctuary Has Over 200 Rescued Animals!

JaneUnchainedNews LIVE at Sweet Olive Farm in Winterville, Georgia! The founders of this beautiful animal sanctuary, Kat and Susan, have over 200 rescued animals on the property! Come explore the property with Sarah Segal as she gets up close with some of the four-legged residents.

A potbelly pig is how their whole farm animal rescue journey began!

Kat and Susan originally rented this farm to get an escape from midtown, Atlanta. They had too many dogs so animal control came to give them a license for their dogs. When they came, they asked them to take in a rescued potbelly pig. Kat and Susan agreed and when they went to pick up the pig animal control got them to take a rooster too. Next thing you know, they were the go-to place for all of the animal control’s farm animal rescues. Now, they run this beautiful sanctuary that has also been a nonprofit since 2015. The sanctuary got its name from one of their rescue dogs, Olive, who was actually not so sweet!

This goat looks like she’s ready to play!
What better way to spend your day than at a sanctuary with a bunch of rescued animals! Kat and Susan explain that most of these animals were unwanted pets or animals they rescued. There are also animals like Stumpy the sheep, that narrowly escaped death at a backyard butcher. As Sarah walks around the sanctuary we see one adorable creature after the next. You’ll fall in love with Boss the cow! From potbelly pigs, baby alpacas, roosters, burros and more, this sanctuary has a huge variety of sweet animals for people to come to visit. Kat and Susan explain that they provide an amazing opportunity for people to connect with the animals. Hopefully, after realizing how sentient and unique each creature is, people will realize they are not commodities.
We’re sure there’s no sleeping in with this guy!
Sanctuaries provide a perfect place to meet and hear an animal’s story as an individual. Many people who visit them choose to change their lifestyles in order to live more compassionately. People realize all the creatures in the world are just as deserving of life as each of these ones at this sanctuary! We’re not surprised that animal lovers Kat and Susan advocate for vegan lifestyles to their guests. How can a person love these animals and not extend the same compassion to others? Visit Sweet Olive Farm sanctuary next time you’re near Winterville, Georgia. Find a sanctuary near you and bring your friends and family for a lovely eye-opening experience with animals who are just like us!

Click here to sponsor an animal or support Sweet Olive Farm.

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Sarah Segal reports for JaneUnchained News Network

Photos courtesy of Sarah Segal.

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