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International Cube Day in San Diego!

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International Cube Day in San Diego!

Beautiful day for a Cube of Truth in sunny San Diego!
JaneUnchained News LIVE on International Cube Day in Balboa Park in San Diego at a Cube of Truth for Anonymous for the Voiceless. Organized by Rach Hosler and Melanie Bazzell of Kind Heart Coalition !! This is an easy way to get active for the animals! Watch it to the end! Great discussion with Fati and Steven with Pepe about speciesism and why activism for animals is so important. We also had a great conversation with Cam Mehta about different forms of activism.
Activists wear masks so their facial expressions don’t distract from the footage on the screens.
This amazing Cube of Truth in San Diego is one of over 500 different organizations all around the world holding a cube this day. Melanie explains how the cube functions. Everyone from the organizers to the participants are all volunteers at this unique form of activism. The activists holding the screens are part of an art installation portraying the treatment of animals behind the scenes of the animal agriculture industry and animals used in laboratory experiments. The activists wear masks so that their facial expressions do not distract from what people passing by see on the screens! Pedestrians walk by and are able to talk to people doing outreach about what they are witnessing on the screens. The outreach activists encourage the people they speak with to adopt a plant-based diet and not use products made from or tested on animals. Rach explains that they have been organic organizing this particular Cube of Truth for about 2 years. Thank you to the dedicated activists around the world who are raising awareness with Anonymous for the Voiceless’s 1000 plus chapters around the world! Bravo! Happy International Cube Day everyone!
Activists outside of the cube offer guidance to people who stop by to ask questions.


Representatives of the animal agricultural industry are welcome to respond at any time.
Melanie checks in with the activists who tirelessly hold the screen so people can see the truth.
Please visit the AV website and Facebook page for more details of how to get involved and to possibly organize a Cube of Truth in your area!

Visit the Anonymous for the Voiceless Website!

It’s hard to pass by without seeing this artistic and devastating display!
Photos courtesy of Tracy Childs.
Rach makes sure the cube runs seamlessly!
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