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Giving “Animal Welfare” Groups Food for Thought

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Giving “Animal Welfare” Groups Food for Thought

How do we get “animal welfare” groups to go plant-based?
JaneUnChained LIVETALK VoiceAmericaRadio with Jessica Janson & Crystal Kozlak of the Food for Thought Campaign by Animal Place Sanctuary! Animal rescue and adoption agencies are driven by their missions to help animals and reduce the harm done to them by humans. Farming animals to be killed and eaten as food causes immense suffering to these animals. Farmed animals deserve to be protected from cruelty as much as dogs or cats. Further, our society expects animal protection organizations to set the bar when it comes to humane standards. As a humane leader, it is an organization’s responsibility to operate as compassionately as possible. Also, animal agriculture is one of the largest sources of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, causes habitat fragmentation and destruction, results in loss of biodiversity and species extinction, wastes huge amounts of water, and pollutes the air and waterways. Removing animals from the menu at events significantly lowers an organization’s ecological footprint and it is more friendly to wildlife. With more plant-based options becoming available, it is now so much easier to serve plant-based foods.

With amazing events like The Golden Globes and The Critic’s Choice Association awards offering fully plant-based menus, it only makes sense that “animal welfare” groups not serve animal products at their galas. So, Jessica and Crystal reach out to these organizations and help them offer fully plant-based catering at their events. Jessica explains that, when they do reach out to “animal welfare” groups, they always applaud them for wonderful work they do. Then they invite them to take it a step further by aligning their food offerings with their mission. Crystal explains that some organizations are afraid of losing donors who don’t want to eat plant-based meals. So, they explain to them that their donors aren’t looking for a meal. Their donors are looking to help a cause. Part of their cause should be leading by example and offering an ethical meal at their events. This issue also crosses over into human hunger charities as well. Many of these organizations fail to make the connection between animal agriculture and world hunger! Most of the world’s soy is fed to the estimated 70 billion land animals destined for slaughter.  Instead, that same food could be given to the world’s 7.7 billion humans, many of whom are experiencing hunger and malnutrition. Serving meat and animal products is also a social welfare issue! Jessica explains that slaughterhouse workers are victims of institutionalized cruelty as well. They experience traumatic stress and other psychological issues because they are forced to kill animals day in and day out. Their working conditions are inherently vile. Imagine being drenched in warm blood eight hours a day, five days a week!

There is every reason to serve a plant-based meal and no reason not to. We are so grateful to Crystal and Jessica for the wonderful work they are doing. We applaud all of the organizations that have aligned their values with their food offerings. They are saving animals, people, and the planet with every plate of beautiful plant-based food!

The animal agriculture industry is invited on to respond at any time.

Check out The Food for Thought Campaign. 

Photos sourced from Animal Place Sanctuary’s website.

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