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2 More Horses Die at Santa Anita

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2 More Horses Die at Santa Anita

Activists strive to raise awareness as cars pass by.
LIVE on JaneUnchained News where correspondent Sarah Segal is at Santa Anita Park. Protestors gather to speak out to end Horse Racing due to the high number of horses that continue to die in horseracing each year. In the past two days two horses have been reported dead. Heather Anahita and Amanda Lunn represent Horseracing Wrongs are the organizers.
Organizer, Heather Anahita, is visibly upset after hearing the news of the latest horses’ deaths.
An emergency demonstration was held at Santa Anita this day for the most recent horses to lose their lives at this racetrack. According to The Horseracing Wrongs Website, the latest horses to lose their lives were “Golden Birthday, killed racing at Santa Anita January 1, 2020, and Harliss, killed racing at Santa Anita January 17, 2020.” Sarah asks the visibly upset organizer, Heather Anahita, what the general public can do? She responds that they need to call and write their government representatives to let them know that they won’t condone this practice anymore. She says they have to say they don’t want horse racing in their cities. You can find your local representatives at the link below to help these amazing activists accomplish their goal to end horseracing before more of these majestic creatures fall victim to the same fate as the 46 other horses that have died at this racetrack in just over a year.
Annie brings her 4-legged companion to the demonstration!


Santa Anita Park and other racetracks are invited on to respond at any time.

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Sarah was hard at work getting great coverage of the demonstration for Jane Unchained!
Sarah Segal reports JaneUnchained News Network
Photos were taken by John Hays.
Activists hold signs in tribute to the fallen horses.
The local news conducted interviews from activists!
Sometimes you just need a cuddle with a 4-legged friend like Sarah’s canine companion Boomer Jr.
A tribute to the horses who have lost their lives at the race park.
Activists continue to be there to take a stand for the horses.
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