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Help Ban Slaughterhouses Where You Live!

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Help Ban Slaughterhouses Where You Live!

Ban Slaughterhouses? Create No Kill Zones in Cities? It’s happening! You can help ban slaughterhouses where you live!

That’s the mission of Slaughter Free Chicago & Slaughter Free NYC! Jane UnChained LIVETALK with 2 powerhouses in the animal rights world! Robert Grillo of Free from Harm in Chicago & Jill Carnegie in New York, New York layout their strategy to get Chicago, NYC Milwaukee Los Angeles, and other cities, to ban slaughterhouses! They’ve already scored huge victories, which they will tell you about. They are working with Animal Save Movement which conducts vigils at slaughterhouses around the US and the world! Please share this video!

You can help end the suffering of billions of animals by taking action in your area!

Can you imagine a world without slaughterhouses? That world begins with you! Robert explains that his campaign is closing down slaughterhouses by demanding they are inspected. When they inspect these places there are so many offenses, they end up shutting them down. Robert explains these “killing factories” break so many laws from animal cruelty laws, environmental laws, health codes, zoning, and more. Jill explains that the offenses also crossover into human welfare issues as well. Often times they have found that the workers in the slaughterhouses are victims too. The workers are exploited and are working in dangerous conditions where they endure “mysterious injuries.” Many of these workers would like help to find other places of employment. Jane points out that the owners of the slaughterhouses can also find other industries to work in with help from transitional organizations like The Rancher Advocacy Program run by Renee King-Sonnen. Robert says that we need systemic change in order to be effective. We need to hold legislators accountable and have them uphold democracy for the people who are asking that slaughterhouses be shut down in their cities and towns.

Slaughter Free has joined forces with The Animal Save Movement because their missions are the same!
Now The Slaughter Free Campaign has paired with The Animal Save Movement because their missions are perfectly aligned. Robert explains that The Animal Save Movement brings people to the slaughterhouses and Slaughter Free brings the slaughterhouses to city hall. Slaughter Free focuses on getting legislation passed to end the practice of using slaughterhouses. Their efforts are working! Jill explains that they have banned the creation of new slaughterhouses in New York! Robert also points out that they have been able to get several slaughterhouses closed down in the Chicago area! Now they need people in other cities to follow suit. To get started they need a couple of committed activists and a good attorney to help build the case. You can help start a Slaughter Free Campaign in your city so that hopefully one day there will be a Slaughter Free World!
Robert explains that the animals in slaughterhouses are in horrible shape before they are slaughtered. Many are sick and covered in their own excrement.


“Slaughterhouses are bad for everyone — animals, workers, and communities. They have a devastating impact on public health, the planet and even undermine our struggles against prejudice, inequality, injustice, and violence.” -Slaughter Free Chicago
Slaughter Free NYC hit the streets to show people that there are tons of slaughterhouses right in the “Big Apple.”
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The Save Movement NYC is now Slaughter Free NYC after their partnership!
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