Egrets at LA's Ballona Wetlands.
L.A. Citizens Defend Ballona Wetlands from Disastrous Bulldozing Plan

The citizens of Los Angeles are expressing their opposition to California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife’s plan to bulldoze LA’s Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve Los Angeles, November 24, 2023 — Despite a judge having ruled against it, California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) seems determined to try and forge ahead with its very destructive and highly unpopular plan to bulldoze LA’s Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve over a period of about a decade.  Located near Marina del Rey, it’s home to upwards of 2,000 species of animal and plant wildlife, with possibly more than a million sentient beings living there.

Tula Elk at Point Reyes
Help California’s Tule Elk from Dying of Thirst Because of Animal Agriculture

Animal lovers nationwide are being urged to comment immediately to the National Park Service and endorse Plan “B” that would finally remove the 3-mile-long fence at Point Reyes National Seashore that’s killing Tule Elk.  Los Angeles, September 8th, 2023 — Animal lovers call it a race against time.

Asian Elefants from Asian Elephants 101
New Documentary Series ‘Asian Elephants 101’ on UnchainedTV

The new documentary series, Asian Elephants 101, is now streaming on UnchainedTV  to showcase the plight of India’s most iconic species. Asian Elephants 101 is a powerful TV series produced by renowned wildlife filmmaker and author Sangita Iyer, and funded by the National Geographic Society.

Countdown to Year Zero Poster
‘Countdown to Year Zero’ Racking Up Awards!

Watch Countdown to Year Zero for FREE on UnChainedTV If you’re not already worried about climate change, watch Countdown to Year Zero and you will be. It’s not graphic, but the information is scarier than Night of the Living Dead!

Activist with placards and banners demonstrating in Italy for the Plant Based Treaty
UK MPs Urged to Endorse the Plant Based Treaty

14 Members of Parliament Support the Plant Based Treaty In her inimitable way, climate activist Greta Thunberg recently dismissed the world’s business-as-usual politicians with a perfectly delivered line. “Blah, blah, blah,” is how the acclaimed vegan teenager summarized the half-measures of Presidents and Prime Ministers, measures that are getting us nowhere but hotter, drier, and more desperate.

Woman shaking hands with a Dutch lawyer in Court
EU Nation Considers Cut to Livestock Numbers

The Netherlands Considers Cutting Livestock by Almost a Third This is huge! Civil servants at the Dutch Finance and Agriculture Ministry are proposing to reduce livestock numbers by almost a third. Yes, you read it right! If it happens, this may be the first country to cut livestock numbers to solve an environmental crisis.

Plant Based Treaty Launches Globally. Genesis Butler endorses it!
Plant Based Treaty Launches Globally

The Plant Based Treaty Launched on August 31st, 2021 People in cities around the world are hearing a brand new phrase that may well help the human race survive climate change! The Plant Based Treaty is modeled on the popular Fossil Fuel Treaty.

Two coyotes on top of a mountain in L.A, in one of the current wildlife corridors
Wildlife Corridors Urgently Needed to Save Animals

America Must Create Wildlife Corridors Think about all the wild animals grappling with extreme heat, drought, wildfires…and the destruction of their land for cattle ranching, factory farms or infrastructure. There is a way to help them. Across the United States, politicians are debating wildlife corridors to help wild animals naturally move from one area to another.

Head shots of the 10 panellist of the RAP Summit
Summit to Switch from Animal to Veganic Farming

The International Summit to Transition Beyond Animal Agriculture  How can ranchers and farmers thrive on their land without using animals? In the face of excruciating heat, floods, and global wildfires, this is the most crucial question of our lives. Industrialized animal agriculture is destroying the planet before our eyes.

Climate change fires
Climate Emergency Reality Check: A Shocking Expert Interview!

Dr. Peter Carter’s Wakeup Call Everyone Must Hear! In November 2020, Roger Hallam, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, interviewed climate expert Dr Peter Carter. JaneUnChained editor Jane Velez-Mitchel asked me to review the 40-minute abridged video of this interview, as I did with Greta Thunberg’s latest film.