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Would You Do This To Your Cat Or Dog?

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Would You Do This To Your Cat Or Dog?

How do you humanely kill someone who does not want to die?

“Humane meat is a lie. Animals still suffer and die” is the message these activists are saying! Is there such a thing as “humane meat”? These activists say there is no right way to do the wrong thing. Reps from the “humane meat” POV invited on any time to share their side. Dani Rukin reporting for #JaneUnChained News.
“Humane meat is a lie. Animals still suffer and die”

Vegan mom and daughter out being a voice for the animals together.
It’s not food. It’s violence.
Animals’ lives are their right.
Protesters regularly target any grocer that advertises “humane meat”, challenging the humane myth.
This is humane meat.
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  • I wish more than anything that we could end “pet” ownership at all but that’s probably more difficult than making humans vegan. I say this having taken in and continuing to see so many abandoned pets, mostly cats. I completely enjoy my memories of one particular cat that I saved possibly from freezing to death but even when I had her wished I could have spared her from any suffering by fixing her parents before she was born had I known of them.I pray every day for this precious kitten that I made the mistake of giving to what I thought was a good adoption center.I only hope that activism continues to be creative so that what satisfaction people hope to get in keeping even a domesticated animal as a pet will be replaced by a relationship such as feeding stations for wildlife so that people have that up close experience without creating a disruption in wild behavior. It would have to be done very strictly to not create a new problem. I hope someone will come up with a better idea than the one I described.

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