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Go Vegan for Regan: She Gave Her Life!

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Go Vegan for Regan: She Gave Her Life!

This is Regan Russell, a passionate animal rights activist run down and killed.

Go Vegan for Regan

Regan Russell holding her sign
Regan Russell was a passionate and devoted woman who spoke up for voiceless pigs.

Who is Regan and why should we go vegan for her? The short answer: Regan is a martyr who gave her life to spare pigs, and other factory farmed animals, the knife. This past June, 65-year old Regan Russell was at a vigil for animals outside of a pig killing facility in Ontario, Canada. She was alternately comforting the pigs arriving on transport trucks, giving the thirsty and confused animals water and holding up her protest sign. 

Suddenly, a transport truck filled with pigs approached the slaughterhouse and hit Regan. She was run over and killed.  An activist for more than forty years, Regan Russell will be remembered for her incredible compassion and dedicated action in support of the fair treatment of animals. “Regan’s Song” tells the story of this devoted activist, how she lived and how she died.

       Enter the Punk Rocker/PhD

Lisa Barca, a punk rocker, professor, and vegan activist, with a Ph.D. in literature, performed Regan’s Song to honor the badass animal rights activist whose death has now sparked protests and marches across the world.  You can sing along. The chorus is easy: Go vegan for Regan!

Check out Jane’s interview with Lisa Barca to see her music video for “Regan’s Song” and to hear a live acoustic version. 

Scarlet Rescue

Lisa Barca leads the all-vegan punk rock band, Scarlet Rescue, whose mission is to “rock for all-species liberation.” It’s insanely cool so I’ll just wait a second while you follow them on Spotify.

The band's image
Scarlet Rescue is a vegan band fronted by Lisa Barca, who’s also a PhD.

The band includes Lisa Barca on guitar, vocals, mandolin; Stephen P. Davis on keyboards and vocals; Dillon Euell Pape on bass and vocals; and Nathaniel J. Burns on drums, guitars, and vocals. 

Just this summer, Scarlet Rescue came out with a relatable song for all plant-based eaters about not wanting to go to a meaty BBQ. If you missed it, you can check out a special Fourth of July Lunchbreak Live with Jane, in cowboy hat grilling Beyond burgers, talking to Lisa Barca about the song, “BBQ Protest.” 

Lisa Barca and Scarlet Rescue

A Song for Regan Russell

Jane, deeply saddened by Regan Russell’s death, wrote to Lisa Barca with a rough sketch of a song. Who knew Jane could also write songs? And Lisa made it into a unique punk rock anthem with Scarlet Rescue.

Jane’s most recent conversation with Lisa Barca focused on this new song and music video. Jane and Lisa, both visibly upset about Regan’s death, discuss her extensive activism and ways we can continue acting in her honor. 

The Animal Save Movement, in which Regan was very involved in, created a short documentary of Regan Russell’s life. 

Joaquin Phoenix made a statement in People Magazine about Regan. He said, “we will honor her memory by vigorously confronting the cruelties she fought so hard to prevent by marching with Black Lives, protecting Indigenous rights, fighting for LGBTQ equality, and living a compassionate vegan life.”

And that is exactly what we must do. 

Regan Russell

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Anja and Matej Glivar doing vegan activism

 Ag-Gag Bill 156

Agriculture Gag Bill 156 was passed in Canada a few days before Regan was killed. This bill ultimately criminalizes animal rights whistleblowers, journalists, and activists and prevents further exposure of animal cruelty. The meat industry is largely behind this bill as they continue to leverage legislation to hide the cruelty taking place inside their facilities. The bill puts animal rights activists at risk and increases the risk of tragedies like the one that left Regan dead. 

Demand justice for Regan at Animal Save Movement’s website.

Sign the petition to repeal Bill 156.

We must continue to expose animal cruelty to the public. We all must go vegan for Regan. 




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