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How to Be a Fabulous Vegan! The Perfect Gift!

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How to Be a Fabulous Vegan! The Perfect Gift!

Jasmin Singer is a worldwide leading expert on veganism; a coveted speaker on topics including radical body positivity, personal narrative as a means of social justice, and how to change the world for animals.

The Vegan Gift that Keeps on Giving!

What could be a greater gift than showing someone precisely how to become a fabulous vegan? Jasmin Singer’s new book, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan, will help pre-vegans get started right, and current vegans expand their plant-based knowledge. Yes, it’s a recipe book. But, it’s so much more than that. It’s really a lighthearted, humorous vegan manifesto! The well laid-out chapters answer all of the pressing vegan questions (will soy make me grow boobs? Do vegans have friends?) in a fun and digestible way. Oh, and each one of the 30 chapters ends in a recipe curated to be the ideal example of the ultimate vegan food experience.

It’s the perfect book for your skeptical relatives, for your life-long vegan buddies, and for your neighbor who is just starting to inch towards incorporating more plant-based recipes. Jane Velez-Mitchell unwraps this fantastic gift with Jasmin Singer:

“Jasmin Singer and the team at VegNews bust all the myths and give you all the facts about a plant-based lifestyle. With 30 easy recipes to get you started, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan will help you adopt a lifestyle that’s better for you, the animals, and the planet. And what’s more fabulous than that?” 

Path for Pre-Vegans

Give the gift of fabulous veganism!

This holiday season, give the gift of the plant-based lifestyle–in book form! The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan provides all of the most current, relevant reasons to go vegan.

“We need to be an invitation in,” says Singer, reminding us that not everyone initially grasps how important it is to go vegan for human health, climate change reversal, ending world hunger. combating dietary racism and, of course, avoiding completely unnecessary animal cruelty.  “There are a lot of vegans–myself included–that are on our own journey in every other realm of social justice. For me, veganism is a moral imperative. But I don’t need to lead with that.”

Singer emphasizes that food is really the way to people’s hearts. Once we can prove that vegan food isn’t just nutritious, but superior in every facet, we can really start to get everyone on board.

“We need to create a fun, exciting, accessible, affordable way in for everyone who is curious about plant-based food, but is scared of the permanence of the word… or what it means for their mom’s ham that she cooks on Christmas,” Jasmin Singer

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Timely Gift

This incredible book has been in the works for 3 years! But what better time to remind people of the importance of plant-based living than in the midst of a global pandemic stemming from a zoonotic virus that came as a result of animal exploitation?

Jasmin is also the co-host of “Our Hen House” podcast!

Jane encourages everyone to regard this time of self-isolation as an opportunity to make personal changes. Jane herself has worked to cut out sugar, but not in a ‘never will have it again’ way. Deprivation can lead to self-sabotage. She sees this pandemic as an opportunity to evolve and try new things in the spirit of having new experiences.

“Is it going to be a sacrifice? No! It’s going to be an adventure!” Jane Velez-Mitchell

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