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Women Bare It All For Animals in Lingerie Protests

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Women Bare It All For Animals in Lingerie Protests

Woman protesting for animals in lingerie

Hollywood, California  – What exactly are… Lingerie Protests? Well, we’re all familiar with the phrase, “sex sells.” Now, groups of women all over the world are using the marketing power of the female body to force people to face the cruel treatment of animals in our food system.  Started by Australian supermodel Stefania Ferrario and vegan activist Tash Peterson, these lingerie protests feature women (and the occasional man) wearing nothing but sexy underwear to draw the attention of crowds to the plight of animals.  The scantily clad protestors hold signs portraying graphic images of animal suffering along with provocative slogans like “Abusing Animals is Not Sexy.” The captivating campaign kicked off in Australia and has spread to cities across the U.S., Europe and Japan!

Women protesting for animals in lingerie.
Photo from the Lingerie Protest documentary now streaming on UnchainedTV.

Answering the Critics!

In a conversation with UnchainedTV’s Jane Velez-Mitchell,  Stefania Ferrario addresses critics who say these women are exploiting themselves and co-signing anti-feminist, patriarchal values.  Ferrario says, “No, it’s actually the opposite.  I’m using my power, my ability to be able to express myself freely to fight for those who don’t have that at all.”

Carol J. Adams’ famous book, “The Sexual Politics of Meat” made the point that meat and dairy companies have used sex to sell their products for decades.  Lingerie protestors say they’re capitalizing on the effectiveness of this tactic to give a voice to animals instead of profiting from their deaths.

Lingerie Protests Spread Across the Globe

It’s one thing to pose in tasteful photographs taken by a professional in a well-lit studio. It’s quite another to stand in lingerie on the street, hearing the comments of passersby.  Check out the incredible reactions people have to these attention-commanding acts of animal activism in Jordan Ehrlich’s short documentary of the lingerie protests, now streaming on UnchainedTV!

Using the Power of Sex Appeal to Combat Widespread Denial

The wall of denial about animal abuse in the meat, dairy and fashion industries is enormous and reinforced by advertiser-based media that ignores or glosses over the issue. Consumers literally shut their eyes and hold their ears when undercover videos of abuse in factory farms, slaughterhouses and fur farms are broadcast in public.  So, activists around the world are on a constant quest to break through that wall of denial to inspire consumers to go cruelty-free. But, how to burst through that denialism and get the public to face the truth? PETA initially put the bare skin tactic on the map. The preeminent animal rights organization has an ongoing project that involves photographing nude celebrities for their “I’d Rather Go Naked” anti-fur campaign.  Alicia Silverstone recently posed naked for PETA standing in a cactus field to oppose the use of animal leather and promote cactus, mushroom, or apple leather instead.  “If it takes me getting naked for you to care about animals, then that is what I’m after,” says Silverstone.

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