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Plant-Based Innovation Investing Has Arrived

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Plant-Based Innovation Investing Has Arrived

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With the Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (EATV) available to investors, it’s never been easier to invest ethically for the planet and all its inhabitants

Vege Tech Invest website
Vege Tech Invest website

Los Angeles — There’s lot of things people can do to minimize the damage they cause to the planet and the animals with whom we share the earth. One is to ensure that their money does not end up in the hands of companies that systematically destroy the environment and exploit animals. Consumers can make ethical choices, buying products that are vegan and cruelty-free, for instance. Another way could be by investing ethically, although it’s worth pointing out that all investments involve risk.

For those who do not have huge amounts to invest but want to give it a go, they have now a Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (EATV) to invest in. Plant-based business consultant Elysabeth Alfano has supervised the EATV ETF for just over a year now. UnchainedTV‘s Jane Velez-Mitchell had a conversation with Alfano to find out what this ETF is all about, which you can watch by playing the video below. Please note, UnchainedTV does not recommend any specific investments, but simply informs our readers about their existence.

A Plant-Based Industry Expert


Elysabeth Alfano at the mic
Elysabeth Alfano at the mic.

Elysabeth Alfano is the CEO of VegTech™ Invest, the advisor to the Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF, EATV. Alfano consults and advises, through her company Plant Powered Consulting, both multinationals and C-Suite executives on the industry landscape, direction and whitespaces. She also hosts the Plantbased Business Hour, which features many CEOs and business leaders in the industry.  She explains what an EATV is:

“An ETF is just a basket of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. EATV is the world’s first and only plant-based innovation ETF. Like when you go to the grocery store, you put all your plant-based items in the cart, this is just like that. It’s a basket of plant-based companies globally around the world. Anywhere in the supply chain that are helping to replace animal products for sustainable consumption.”

Between 40 and 45 companies (including animal cell meat companies) are part of that basket. Some companies may be in at one time, and out at another. A caller asked Alfonso whether Telsa is in the ETF, considering Elon Musk’s involvement with vivisection through one of his other companies. She replied, “Originally, we launched with Tesla in the plant-based innovation fund because Tesla was the first company to replace all of its car leather with non-animal vegan leather…We have since taken out Tesla… which is the beauty of an actively managed ETF, you can make these decisions.”

The renowned philosopher Peter Singer joined the New Global Thought Leadership Council, created by VegTech™ Invest. His expertise, and that of other advisors, will help to decide which companies should be part of EATV.

“I wanted this product out there for my own investments and I couldn’t find it. So, that’s why I did it.” — Elysabeth Alfano, plant-based business expert

Plant-Based Innovation Is About Ingredients

Vegetables grown in vertical farming is a type of plant-based innovation
Vegetables grown in vertical farming . By Aisyaqilumar via Adobe Stock Images

When people hear plant-based innovation, they may think it must be the products on the shelves. Alfano explains that is not what EATV generally invests in:

“We’re investing in that supply chain. What would be in the supply chain that would support plant-based innovation? Greenhouses, vertical farms, ingredient companies, and biosynthesis companies working on precision fermentation, and working with microbes and fungi to grow them for better gut health and, also as a clean protein. So, you see, these are the ingredients.”

It is not only about food either. Alfano explains:

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“When we say plant-based innovation, people immediately think food. But, indeed, we’re not just looking for a sustainable food supply system, we’re looking for sustainable supply systems. That includes materials.”

EATV is also certified by Ethos ESG as a carbon-neutral fund without buying credits. She adds, “once you get rid of animals, this inefficient middleman in the supply chain, you are carbon neutral just by simply not emitting those emissions.”

The major actors around the world – governments, large industry food legacy companies, as well as consumers – all want a shift for healthier personal goals and healthier planetary goals.” — Elysabeth Alfano, plant-based business expert

Why We Need Plant-Based Innovation

Elyzabeth Alfano talking at COP27
Elysabeth Alfano talking at COP27

We have a global climate, humanitarian and animal crisis, and – says Alfano – a big part of the solution is to eliminate the animal agriculture system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, almost one-third of all global methane emissions and 37% of US methane emissions come from animal agriculture. In addition, it is responsible for 41% of tropical deforestation and uses 42% of the world’s clean water.

A growing number of environmental experts say we need to replace the old system with an alternative plant-based system, one based on plants, fungi, algae, and bacteria, instead of animals. But innovation requires investment. A Boston Consulting Group study, done in conjunction with Blue Horizons, states that investing in these alternatives can be 3 times to 40 times more impactful at reducing greenhouse gas emissions than investing in other green advancements such as sustainable building materials and transportation.

Alfano recently spoke at the U.N. Global Leaders Compact Summit and the United Nations Climate Change COP27 summit. At Cop27, she held a press conference calling for impact investing from both the public and private sectors for a sustainable food system.

“We will not impact climate change if we don’t address our global food supply system that’s based on animal agriculture” — Elysabeth Alfano, plant-based business expert

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