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Falasophy Lesson from Chef Rashad

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Falasophy Lesson from Chef Rashad

How to make these delicious falafels from scratch!!!  Falasophy with Chef Rashad Moumneh is featured at  VegFest Los Angeles 2017 on Sunday, April 30th!  #LunchBreakLIVE #JaneUnChained, #VegFest Los Angeles

RECIPE:  Falasophy Falafels


  • soaked and sprouted garbanzo beans
  • flat leaf parsley
  • cilantro
  • white onions
  • fresh garlic
  • fresh dill
  • spice mix (cumin, dried coriander, red pepper flakes and salt)
  • sliced eggplant, roasted in oven
  • pomegranate molasses
  • tahini (store bought or homemade
  • pita bread
  • pickled red cabbage


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  1. Mix all the ingredients above (except the spice mixture) in a food processor adding enough of the greens, garlic and onions, so the mixture turns green
  2. Blend in the spice mixture making sure it is equal distributed throughout the falafel mixture
  3. Marinate sliced eggplant in pomegranate molasses for at least one hour
  4. Roast the marinated eggplant at 350 degrees F till soft and cooked or deep fry it.
  5. Chill the falafel mixture, if possible, and then with a falafel scoop (a little ice cream scoop) form them into small balls.  Do NOT press to hard  squeezing them tightly.
  6. Deep fry them at 325 degrees F until they turn  golden brown.
  7. Create a pocket in the pita bread and fill each one with the falafels, eggplant, tahini sauce, pomegranate molasses, pickled red cabbage, tomato cucumber salad,
  8. Top with more tahini

*some Middle Eastern cultures add fava beans to the garbanzo beans in creating the falafel.
Falasophy (Brick & Mortar) location in Santa Ana, CA

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