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They are Just Babies, Brought into this World to Die! Why?

They are Just Babies, Brought into this World to Die! Why?


#JaneUnChained LIVE at a pig slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles, California! These innocent pigs, who have the intelligence of toddler humans, are shipped to die here! They have traveled without food or water for long distances! Why all this killing? Normalized violence that’s totally unnecessary! World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 2015 stated that processed meats such as hot dogs, deli meat, and bacon are Group 1 Carcinogens meaning they cause colon cancer.…/cancer-red-meat/en/. Please stop eating animals! #VeganWorld2026

The animal rights community came together to show politicians that they are a united community and to emphasize the importance of bearing witness to the suffering that is happening to this pigs. The groups that hosted the event included Los Angeles Animal Save,Animal Alliance NetworkOur Revolution SCV / DSA Santa Clarita Valley, Liberation Los Angeles, #VeganWorld2026, and Chino Cow Save.  Unfortunately, Senator Kevin de Leon was not able to make it due to a schedule change, but he did send the only vegan member of his staff as a representative for his office. Also Roger Wolfson, the Los Angeles Commissioner of Animal Services, was in attendance and spoke to the crowd about advocacy for animals. He shared a personal story about his grandmother and her insensitivity to animals. He asked that we move past adversity like this and keep fighting for the animals. Kenneth Mejia, a candidate representing the Green Party, also came and spoke to the crowd about the senseless violence against animals and how things must change at a governmental level in order to make a difference for these animals. It is amazing to see political figures coming to see what the animal rights activism community is doing, and in turn demand change. We invite any and all politicians and government officials to attend a vigil or any animal rights activism events, in hope for change for the animals in the practices that render them voiceless victims.

When a person buys pork or any other product that comes from a pig this is who they are buying. They are buying their death. They are asking that a farm that is actually a warehouse in many cases, raise these animals in gestational crates (look it up), and keep them confined in a small box in that warehouse only to see the sunlight when they are loaded onto a truck, scared and confused. Then they are transported to a slaughterhouse, which can take days, without food or water. Many die due to adverse weather conditions, compounded with the lack of food and water, and many times because they are unhealthy from how they were raised to begin with. We have to be better than this as a species. We have to demand more for these animals. They deserve a better life than this! Speak up for them any way you can. Share this video and story, advocate for animals whenever and wherever you can. Write your local and US government representatives, write to corporations and companies fueling this abuse, come to animal rights events, and do whatever you can to help make it stop!


Jane Velez- Mitchell and Sarah Segal reporting at a slaughterhouse 5 minutes from Downtown LA.


Activists give water to thirsty pigs after being transported through extreme heat conditions.


Activists line the street outside of the slaughterhouse demanding change.


Roger Wolfson, LA Commissioner of Animal Services, gives an inspirational speech to continue fighting for the animals! Photo: @chefitophoto


Kenneth Mejia gives a speech about the change needed in the government for the sake of the animals. Photo: @chefitophoto


Activists posing for a group photo outside the slaughterhouse gates.



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