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Vegan Moroccan Bisteeya and Mulled Wine!

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Vegan Moroccan Bisteeya and Mulled Wine!

Do you love a sweet and savory combo? Need a fresh take on mulled wine? #DrinksandApps with Vegan Chef Jessica Steinberg making Scandinavian mulled wine “glögg” and Moroccan bisteeya in filo cups- perfect for the holidays! Amp up your mulled wine with fresh citrus, nuts, and port-soaked raisins, and see how to make a vegan version of this sweet and savory pie made with Gardein chicken with onions, garlic, cinnamon, raisins, herbs, and powdered sugar! Join us for some afternoon delights!
These adorable savory pies are make for cute tasty serve as appetizers during the holidays!
Jessica has a funny story about how she went vegan. She says it was watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” show but that is not entirely true. What is true, is that she was watching the show on the treadmill at the gym and a commercial from Peta came on and she decided right there and then that she could no longer eat meat. About a year later she went to a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) event and she decided to go vegan. One of Jessica’s biggest reason is dogs, because she adores dogs. She also loves the work PCRM does to save dogs being used for medical experiments.
This warm mulled wine is exactly what the doctor ordered for this chilly weather!
Jessica makes entertaining look easy as she prepares these exotic drink and appetizer for us! Amazingly,she was able to find pre-made vegan filo dough cups for the little Moroccan bisteeya pies. Make sure you use the cheaper vegan wine for the glögg a.k.a. “party in a cup! ” Jessica is a self-taught vegan chef and we are certainly impressed by her skills. The savory pies look beyond words good and we would love to chase it down with a glass of her mulled wine. These recipes are perfect for the chilly weather and the whole holiday season.
Jessica poses ready to party with her drinks and appetizers!
Photos courtesy of Jessica Steinberg.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.
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