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PETA Protests Wool Outside of Retailer!

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PETA Protests Wool Outside of Retailer!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE in Hollywood, California as demonstrators dress up like sheep to protest what PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) says is horrific animal abuse for the production of wool. The protest targeted Forever 21, which is invited on any time to discuss.
Compassionate activists come together to raise awareness and demand change for the sake of sheep suffering worldwide.
Ashley Byrne of PETA explains they are there to raise awareness because PETA just released two more exposés showing how the wool industry treats sheep! They have approached Forever 21 and shown them what happens to sheep who are sheered for wool. So far they have refused to stop selling wool in their stores but these compassionate activists are here today to bring awareness and ask for change. Ashley says that vegan materials are warmer and more durable than wool, so there is absolutely no reason why these animals should suffer for these products.
No animal deserves the fate of these poor sheep.
Matt Bruce elaborates further and explains the sheering process. He explains the sheep are held down and sheered often times with a boot holding down their neck. Many times they are sheered so violently appendages are sheered off like ears, tails, and penises. They can also sustain further injuries from the brutality. They are kicked, punched, and hit with the sheers. Then they are left to die if they sustain severe injuries. “This is not just a haircut.” Furthermore they are not retired to sanctuaries, they are sent to slaughterhouses where they are killed in front of each other. The wool industry terrorizes these innocent gentle sentient creatures. If you care about animals, please leave wool out of your wardrobe!
If you wear wool, you might as well wear meat because they are tortured and killed for meat after they are no longer used for wool.
Forever 21 and representatives of the wool industry are invited to respond at any time.
Photos courtesy of Sarah Segal.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.
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