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How You Can Save Endangered Animals!

LIVE with Damien Mander a.k.a. The Vegan Sniper! Correspondent Elysabeth Alfano chats with the founder of the IAPF – International Anti Poaching Foundation and squad leader Vimbai Kumire. Join us to learn about the work he is doing to save the world’s most endangered species and what we can do to help.
Damien puts his sniper training to good use by protecting animals and the environment! Photo: https://joy.org.au
Damien Mander was a sniper in Iraq for three years. After he finished his work in the military, he did quite a bit of traveling in South America and South Africa trying to figure out his next move. He was inspired by the great work he saw rangers doing during his travels. Damien found that protecting the environment and animals was his calling. He started IAPF 10 years ago and now they are protecting over 5 million acres of land. They even have Dr. Jane Goodall as the lead advisor for the foundation. Currently, they are preserving large ecosystems and teaching others how to protect them.  They also stop the poaching and trafficking of animals, which is rampant in the areas they protect.
Damien and Elysabeth are all smiles for saving defenseless animals!
Damien has also been vegan for about six years as well. He spent about four years doing work protecting one wildlife animals and realized that he was eating another group of animals. This did not make sense to him so he stopped. He explains that he has a moral issue of hurting a being that cannot defend itself.  You can help save animals along with the IAPF by going vegan. They have 37 armed female rangers alongside Vimbai on their team and they are all vegan! Damien explains that these badass women have a natural instinct to protect and nurture nature, so they are perfect for the task. Get involved and protect endangered wildlife by visiting the IAPF website! 


Elysabeth Alfano reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network!
Photos courtesy of Elysabeth Alfano and The IAPF website.
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