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Celebrating Dodgers Stadium’s New Vegan Options!

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Celebrating Dodgers Stadium’s New Vegan Options!

Josh got on the biggest screen for being an employee of the month!

LunchBreakLIVE feat. Josh Goldstein, incredibly talented and detailed photographer, Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles supporter and activist enjoys lunch by Julie Goes Green, discusses his days at Dodger Stadium, his excitement about the new vegan options offered at the Stadium and his love for animals through his photography.

Julie Goes Green has nice green salads for you too!
Josh is an incredibly talented professional photographer who works at Dodgers Stadium for a company called Blueprints taking photos of fans having a great time at the games. He’s such a hit at the stadium, he’s even been named the employee of the month! When he isn’t taking photos of fans, he lends his talents to the animal rights movement. He is even a contributor for JaneUnchained! We are so fortunate to have Josh on our team because he truly has “the eye” for capturing amazing images.
These chicken tenders can be your appetizer or your main course!
Now, Josh is celebrating the new plant-based options at Dodgers Stadium at Julie Goes Green. He chose to celebrate them at Julie Goes Green because it is a vegan restaurant that is all vegan because the incredibly compassionate owner, Julie, made it that way for ethical reasons. Josh explains that at Dodgers Stadium they have a bunch of plant-based options recently added. A couple of years ago Josh says you could only get a veggie dog and fries. These days you can get Beyond Meat burgers, Beyond Meat sausage, and vegan bowls. Josh recommends the tempeh bowl. The team has even demonstrated how progressive they are when their players launched an anti-dairy campaign this past year! Make sure to show support for vegan options the next time you take part in America’s national pastime!
This shrimp scampi pasta will leave your taste buds happy!
Josh is also a big fan of  The Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles!, which Patrizia helps organize along with The Vegan Flagship. He says it’s so inspiring to see kids taking a stand against the climate change our species is causing! Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles is planning on having a huge global strike on September 20th with about 1000 kids taking off from school to take a stand for the planet in LA alone! Julie Goes Green is also a huge supporter of the Youth Climate Strike event. They have shown their support by donating several of their vegan pizzas through Patrizia to feed these young warriors! It is so crucial to show these young environmental activists how amazing vegan food can be. After all, the number one cause of climate change is animal agriculture. If most people stop eating animal products, we will have the best chance of having a sustainable planet in the future!
This pizza is stacked with delicious toppings!
Today, at Julie Goes Green Patrizia and Josh try some of their most popular items, including the caesar salad, chicken tenders, shrimp scampi pasta, and the California Sunshine Pizza. All of which gets two thumbs up from Josh! Savor all of the vegan flavors and support a business that cares about the animals and the planet by going to Julie Goes Green!
Cheers to picking Julie Goes Green, an amazing vegan restaurant!

Patrizia Barretto reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Patrizia Barretto and Josh Goldstein.

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